9 Signs The Person You Are With Is Not The Right One


We all want to be with someone who is just our type. So we look and look and when we finally find someone who we think is the right fit for us, we might be really wrong.

The people who are right for you are not found by following some scheme or some kind of a guide line you read in a magazine.

Just because you thought a character in a movie would be perfect for you, this type of a person in real life might be the worst choice for your wellbeing.

Finding the right person is much trickier than this. However, once you get a sense of what you really need for yourself, not what your ego desires, finding your right partner is easy.

Here are some things you should know when looking for the right partner. Here are the 9 definite signs your partner is not the right person to be in a relationship with.

9 Signs Your Partner Is Not The Right One:signs-person-you-are-with-is-not-the-right-one

1. They bring up old wounds.

They will keep rubbing old wounds open. It is said that your partner is a reflection of your inner self and sometimes this might bring up old wounds, but the right partner helps you heal them, the wrong one will just irritate these wounds without helping you heal.

2. They are not interested.

They are not interested in your daily chores and they don’t care how you did at work. They don’t care about your daily problems and they probably dodge this conversation saying that you are being negative. But they would love to whine themselves.

3. They make you feel stuck.

They will make you feel like you are stuck with your Spiritual growth. They will not inspire you nor be interested in things that do inspire you. If you would like to try something new that’s making you happy and excited they might try to convince you not to.

4. They will make you feel something is off.

They will be uncomfortable in conversion with you and your intuition would keep telling you something is off. Even if there is nothing in particular for you to put your finger on. You will feel like they are hiding something, like you cannot truly connect with them.

5. They will manipulate you.

They’d try to manipulate you and feel threatened and insecure if you ever try to take charge. If you try to lead them somewhere nice or give them some helpful advice they wouldn’t listen, they will act as if you are the one who manipulates them.

6. They will keep things shallow.

They’d evade talking about things that matter and solving your problems through effective communication. They will avoid having real and deep conversations because it scares them to connect on such deep level. They will try to keep things shallow and superficial.

7. They will underestimate you.

They would try to bring you down and down play your achievements every chance they get. Whenever you achieve something you are proud of or whenever you would like to push yourself they will make you feel less confident and like nothing you achieved matters.

8. They will not care about your problems.

They will not give you any help and support. Even if things in your life might be going wrong for you and they will not be interested in giving any support or help in solving some of your problems. But they will overreact if it’s about them.

9. They will not make you feel like they love you.

They will make you feel like you are never stable in the relationship. There would always be a sense of it being over one day or the other. You might love them but they would not make you feel like they truly love you. And you will feel this.