5 Reasons Why Introverts Are Often Misunderstood


It is highly probable that you or someone close to you is an introvert. Psychologists say that introverts are people who prefer being alone and that’s how they recharge.

Introverts, from the very childhood are labeled as Shy. They are often seen as people lacking social skills.

Some even call them as extremely self involved people. But this is far from the truth. Introverts are people who love to be with other people just like anyone else.

They are as different in variety as any extrovert. The difference is that introverts just recharge better when their are alone in their own world.

Because there are so many confusions and misunderstandings around this topic, here are 5 reasons why introverts are being misunderstood.

5 Reasons Introverts Are Misunderstood:why-introverts-are-often-misunderstood

1. Introverts are not shy.

Often, due to their tendency of speaking less in public, they are labeled as SHY. But actually, they are people who recharge when they are being alone. When they are surrounded by many people, their energy gets drained.

2. Introverts are not snobs.

Introverts do not talk to strangers not because they think of themselves as superiors, but because it is very difficult for them to talk to a stranger. They get very uncomfortable in situations like these. So they aren’t snobs at all.

3. Introverts love to socialize.

This might sound a little strange to you but this is actually true. Introverts can be very loud and fun at a family party. They’ll amuse and entertain you, but as soon as a stranger comes near them, they’ll hide back in their shell slowly.

4. Introverts are envious of extroverted people.

Majority of introverts envy the people who are outgoing and can get along with random people easily. In their hearts they also want to be very comfortable with the strangers, thus they cater great respect for people who can socialize.

5. Introverts are very introspective.

Most introverts like to sit quietly and think about themselves. They will analyze each and every situation, which often results in over thinking. Thus, they are not able to be a long time in larger crowds and they can’t even relax properly. They need alone time to function.