The One Thing You Are Most Terrified Of That Nobody Speaks About


Most of us have something that we fear the most. Some people have couple of things they fear the most, and some don’t know what they are afraid of.

Whatever the fear is, being alone, being stuck, heights, talking in front of people, spiders, staying in dark places, whatever it is, it’s nothing compared to one fear we don’t speak of.

Even the fear of getting old, poor, sick and dying is nothing compared to this one fear. Even ghosts and zombies are nothing. The fear I am talking about is complete freedom.

Yes, complete freedom is a fear that every single person on planet Earth is hiding deep within themselves, but we are all terrified of. Yet it’s the ultimate truth.

Most of us are not even aware of that we are afraid of complete freedom, some even think that they are seeking complete freedom.

You might even think to yourself as reading this that complete freedom doesn’t scare you at all, that you are special, and that’s the biggest hint you’re terrified by it.

So why does complete freedom terrify the living hell out of us? How can I prove it to you that even you are terrified by it? Let me try!

3 Reasons Why We Are All Terrified Of Complete Freedom:one-thing-you-are-most-terrified-of

1. It says you are all alone in an infinite space.

Most probably you live your life following a certain story. There are certain people you are together with, certain people you love, certain people you hate, heroes and villains.

You live your life according to this story and this means you have a sense of direction, familiarity, you are not alone and people know you.

But do they really? Do people know you, the real truth of you, or do they know just a tiny glimpse of what you reveal? After all, nobody is with you 24 hours per day.

The truth is nobody really knows you and you don’t really know anybody. It’s something we don’t want to admit to ourselves so we keep playing this story.

The story you live is just an imaginary narrative you tell yourself, the characters you project upon others are figments of your imagination and psyche.

And you do this because you are terrified of the truth. And the truth is that you are completely free and completely alone with yourself, as everyone else.

You can change the story at any moment, you can project different characters upon others at any moment.

You are completely free to do this, and this fact means that in all of the vastness of The Universe you are all alone, really knowing just one person, yourself.

This fact is terrifying, but it’s a fact. And when you accept it, suddenly all the masks you project upon others fall, and you get a chance for the first time ever to get to know them.

2. It means you have complete responsibility for everything in your life.

You think you have to go to work tomorrow. You think you must get up early and do the same thing you do every day. The truth is you don’t.

You can get up, start your car and drive away until the gas runs out. And then, you can keep walking, hitchhiking, doing whatever you want.

Every excuse you think right now of why you cannot do this is just a fake story you keep telling yourself, an illusion you choose to be fooled by.

Every manmade rule, every social norm, every custom and should that you have ever heard or followed is a collectively manufactured illusion we choose to be fooled by.

We give this rules to ourselves because they give us a sense of comfort and safety, even if they make us miserable.

That’s why being completely free is your greatest fear, because you would rather stay in a prison cell getting your life sucked out every single day than face the truth.

And of course you’ll be terrified. There’s a whole unknown outside of the prison cell. There are no rules you can follow, no guidelines, no directions to show you any way.

And who knows what’s out there in the infinite unknown. Nobody tells you what you should do. It means that everything is your responsibility.

That’s why we crave someone to tell us what the grand purpose is, but the truth is it’s whatever you make it be. That’s how completely free you actually are.

3. It removes all structure you think you have.

We are meaning making machines. It means that we constantly make out meaning of neutral things that happen in nature.

We create patterns and attach meaning, we create stories and rules, we say this is right and this is wrong, because we need to have a sense of structure so we can survive.

But if this is true, if we create the meaning, than this means there is no actual meaning out there for us to find. It means we are completely free to create whatever meaning we want.

This puts us in the role of the illusionist, we create our own illusions. But if we are the illusionists than how can we be fooled to believe in the illusion we create?

How can we believe in the meaning that we ourselves create? This puts us in a very difficult position. We are both the illusionist and the one who is being fooled by the illusion.

We are both the puppet and the puppeteer. That’s why most people avoid facing this truth, because it’s a difficult position, it’s the human paradox, the cosmic joke.

That’s why we keep seeking something, why people crave someone telling them what to do, having someone telling them what the grand purpose of life is.

If this happens, while most people blindly follow out of relief, some will feel a void, something not being quite right. Deep down their inner illusionist knows it’s an illusion.

It’s because we are both the illusionist and the one being fooled by the illusion. There is no real structure, it’s all just an illusion we choose to believe in, we are completely free.