Mind Expanding Video With Jim Carrey And Alan Watts Explaining What Really Exists


“I love playing ego and insecurity combined.” ― Jim Carrey

Who are you? Really, think about this question before answering. Who are you? Who is the you that is reading this? Who is the person aware of the one reading this? Interesting.

Most people will answer with their name, that’s how they identify with. Others will imagine their physical appearance, and some will identify with their mind, with their thoughts.

For some people the identity lies in their emotions and for some in their pain. We all have an idea about who we are, an identity, but have you really tested the validity of this idea?

Are you your thoughts, or the one who is thinking the thoughts? are you your emotions, your pain, or the one feeling these things? Are you your body, or the one who uses it?

Are you the character that you play in life, the role you were given or created for yourself, or are you the actor, the one behind the role?

Who are you really? If you are neither your mind, body, heart, spirit, if you are not your ego, who are you? Well, you are all these things.

These things are different aspects of you, but the real you is undefined, it cannot be defined because it’s pure consciousness, it’s pure energy.

The limits we put on ourselves are there to help us define us, but we just create a role that we play, it’s not who we really are.

We are the infinite stillness from where consciousness arises, we are the eternal light within all energy, we are both, the dance of them both.

To get a clearer idea about what I am writing, here is a profound video with speeches from Jim Carrey and Alan Watts that will expand your mind about who you are.

Jim Carrey And Alan Watts Explaining What Really Exists: