Eye Opening Video That Perfectly Depicts The Modern Sickness Of Society


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

As technology progresses, humanity diminishes. As more connected we become, the lonelier we are.

This strange phenomena is due to the fact that the advancement of technology surpassed our advancement as humanity.

Everything we have created it was basically for a good cause, it was a tool to make us more connected, to give us more pleasure, godlike power.

But our capacity to handle such tools is limited by the inability to deal with our weaknesses.

So we use these tools to stitch our weaknesses as humans, but all we do is imprison ourselves with the tools that we have created to liberate us.

Whatever we do, it seems like there is no escape but to face our inner weaknesses. No matter the technology, no matter the advancement in science.

We will use everything as our prison and poison if we don’t face the core problem first, and that’s our own weaknesses.

We will always use technology to escape from ourselves if we do not face our inner wounds. We will always use science in a harmful way if we do not heal our inner wounds.

This profound video perfectly depicts what it feels like to be the only one who is not afraid to feel within a society.

It perfectly tells what it feels like to be lonely amongst people, to try to desperately make others open their eyes, but be ignored.

This society has a sickness, and this sickness is our personal inner woundedness that we try to escape.

Everything, well, most things we have produced are not because we loved to create them, or because we were inspired to create them.

The reason why most things were produced is because we desperately tried to invent ways to fill the unfillable hole within us.

Watch this video and decide for yourself whether there is sickness in this society or not. And if you think there is, start looking within yourself, try to find your own inner wound.

When you do find your inner wound, when you find your pain, do not judge it, embrace it, thank it, and let it go. That’s how you heal. That’s how we’ll heal our society.

Eye Opening Video Depicts The Modern Sickness Of Society: