Jason Silva Rants About The Divinity Of Existence To A Baby And The Baby Looks Awe Struck


“Man is the universe becoming conscious of itself.” ― Greg Iles

Think about this. If everything in The Universe is made out of the same pool of energy than everything in The Universe is The Universe itself.

Just like every wave is a wave and the whole sea all at once, we all are an individual and The Universe as a whole, all at once.

But the interesting thing about this is the fact that we can be conscious of this grand phenomena. We can be aware about being conscious. A beautiful mystery.

Just thinking about this idea gives you a sense of wonder, thinking deep about these facts and you can’t help but be awe struck, surrendering to the beauty of this.

We are consciousness emerging from The Universe on a planet that is suspended on a sunbeam in the midst of an ever expanding space, and everything is connected.

Not just that we are consciousness, but we are consciousness with self awareness, an ability to be aware of all of this that you are reading here.

Now think about explaining the majesty of all this to a baby. One guy went on a rant about the beauty of holding the baby, the piece of The Universe, the conscious wetware.

But it was the baby’s reaction that captivated global attention. The baby looks as it understands every word and as it is awe struck by the speech, it’s hilarious!

Here is the hilariously heartwarming and awe inspiring video that Jason Silva made, being inspired while holding the baby in its hands.

Jason Silva Rants About The Divinity Of Existence To A Baby: