Burglary Suspect Breaks Out In Tears After Recognizing The Judge Being His Old Friend From Middle School


“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” — Hubert H. Humphrey

There is a sickness in humanity. It’s a sickness that festers greed, fear, enmity and hate. It’s a sickness that gives neurotic inflammation and ego inflation.

This sickness comes from one simple misunderstanding that plagued the human consciousness for centuries, and that is the idea that we need to fill the hole within us.

This confusion has infiltrated into societies, into laws, into social structures and development of humanities, it’s integrated deep within our dynamics.

It festers corruption, hostility and erosion, it keeps us in a neurotic state, stressed and always in hurry, it imprisons our potential and turns each other against one another.

The structure of our humanity is built upon the foundations of this misbelief and that’s the root cause for our misery.

But the hole within us is not to be filled, it’s a hole to the infinite, and how can you fill the infinite. The hole within us should be a door where love comes from.

We are all just children deep within, lost and confused, doing what we know best to survive within this delusion we have created for ourselves.

And the structure pushes certain individuals to their limits until they surrender to the truth or succumb to their weakness and react in a bad way, in a way that’s harmful.

But even these individuals are just like you at their core, they are pure and childlike, only their egoic layers have hijacked their freedom and filthied their spirits.

The criminals we imprison are not inhuman, they are lost within the sickness of humanity, and only love can show them the way.

And when I say love I mean real love, pure love, honest, childlike, friendly love that penetrates through the falseness of societal structures, straight to their core.

Only this kind of love can remind them who they really are at their core, vulnerable children who seek love and connection with others.

That’s who we all are behind our masks. And this amazing video captured on camera proves my point.

A burglar who is brought in front of a judge starts weeping the moment he realizes that the judge is his old middle school friend.

Why does he break out in tears? Why does he look like any criminal, serious and kind of tough, until the moment he is reminded of his friend, the judge?

Because he is reminded of something else, he is reminded of a time when he was innocent, not just by law but in his own eyes, a time he was a child.

He is pulled out of the structures of law and society into the realm of pure friendship, where people don’t need to call each other maam and sir, but buddy.

He is reminded that behind the judge archetype there is a human being, a friend, someone who he played with.

But also the judge is reminded that behind the criminal archetype there is a human, a friend, an innocent kid who succumbed to his weakness.

Burglary Suspect Breaks Out In Tears After Recognizing The Judge:

It’s not just in this case, there is a friend, an innocent child, deep within anyone. We should all strive to remind each other of who we really are. That’s how we can heal humanity.

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