Robin Williams Perfectly Describes What It Feels Like When You Meet Your Soulmate In One Of His Best Scenes


When you are with the right person, you will know. Every aspect of your life will blossom beautifully and trust me, that person will be worth the wait. — Toni Payne

At times, the right person will walk in front of you from out of nowhere and your world isn’t the same again.

You might fantasize scenarios about the moment you will meet your one, but it will not happen like that. They will come in an unexpected time or in an unexpected place.

You might be in a middle of an important event with your friends, a trivial night out, going to the bathroom in a bar, or see them in a store you went really quick to get something.

Whatever the case, your gut will just tell you to forget all your plans, you’ll be inspired to do something and not miss the opportunity of meeting this stranger, it will feel natural.

You might have met a lot of people but none of them has ever had this effect on you. And you will just be drawn to them by some force that you can’t explain.

Robin Williams explains this phenomenon perfectly in one of his best scenes from one of his best movies.

Robin Williams Perfectly Describes What It Feels Like When You Meet Your Soulmate:

6 Signs You’ve Met The Right Person:

1. You’ll remember the exact date you meet.

You meet a thousand people in your life. But because meeting your right one is special, you could not forget this very date. You even recall your first meeting over and over again. You seem not to get enough of the time you first saw them.

2. You give up something important just to be with them.

You may be planning to attend an important event, but you’re willing to give it up and choose to be with them instead. You’re doing this because you know that if you let this opportunity slip away, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

3. Your world lights up the moment you see them.

Your day might have started like any other day, meeting the same people, doing the same routines. But when this person comes, you will be stunned by their presence and feel as if the whole world lights up.

4. You will leave even your friends to be with this person.

Your friends are important in your life. They’re with you in your happy and troubled times. But you wouldn’t hesitate to give up the time you’re planning to spend with them to be with the person whom you feel is the right one for you.

5. Your friends will understand you.

Your friends know you inside and out. When you’re serious about something, and when something means a lot to you, they will know. By your actions and by the look in your eyes, they will know that they have to let you be happy with this stranger this time.

6. You will have no regrets spending every day of your life with them.

When you marry the right person, you will not regret even a single day of that marriage. Even if your married life is beset with challenges and pain, regrets have no room in your heart. This is the most important lesson the right person will teach you, pain is not a reason for regrets.

Nothing will last in this world. You may lose this person in the end but what matters is you’ve made the right decision of keeping the right person with you, and you’ve never stopped loving them every day while they’re still around.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how your life turns out if you haven’t met this very special person in your life.