How To Be The Best Self: 3 Things To Do This October To Be A Better Version Of Yourself


The last month we focused on being more organized. This is crucially important if you want to reach your goals.

This month we’ll invest energy in the technical aspect and that will create a system in your life that pushes you to be the best version of yourself and thrive.

We often underestimate the power of our environment and the things we surround ourselves with.

This month we’ll tweak all those things to make the environment serve in your favor and create system that gives you advantage.

We give too much attention of what we put in our bodies, but we rarely think what we consume with our mind. This month we’ll change the diet of your mind to be healthier.

3 Things To Do This October To Be The Best Self:best-self-3-things-october-better-version

1. Surround yourself with people from higher social circles.

Just being around people who are more successful than you, or who have what you would like to have, will shift the thought pattern of your mind. The things that seemed hard and impossible for you to achieve will become easier and more normal as you see how these people think and behave. Just spending time with people from higher social circles will give you a better mental diet that will result in achieving more of your goals and in much faster time you thought possible. It will reveal new layers of you. One thing you should now about entering these circles is to introduce value. Give them something they don’t have but you do. You can always give them fun, positive energy and friendly support if you can’t think of anything else. Make sure to put your ego aside.

2. Start consuming books.

Start reading. Or start listening to audiobooks. Whatever your choice is, start consuming books with your mind. Instead of listening to the radio listen to an audiobook, or at least a podcast that feeds your mind with higher though patterns and paradigms for success. Books do not exist just to give you new information. One of the most undermined benefits of reading books is the mental awareness they provide and maintain for you. This mental sphere of success and positivity will help you see opportunities where you didn’t know to even look before.

3. Note every idea, opportunity and desire that comes up.

Have with you a notebook, or find a way to note random ideas as they show up during your day. We often think of brilliant ideas and we are ready to take action, but because we think we’ll remember these ideas we don’t write them down and we forget that we even thought of something brilliant. And this idea could have been your breakthrough, or at least a conversation starter. Write down ideas, opportunities, desires, or just interesting things you would like to remember. Do not overestimate the power to remember. We forget, accept this fact, and use tools in your benefit. The things you write down are your arsenal of things to do or talk about.