This September Rant From The Heart: Your True Power Lies Within Everything That You Love


You are an essence that explores the world looking for things that you like. It’s like a big buffe and there are things you will find to love there.september-rant-from-the-heart

Since you are born, you are looking for things that you love around you. You explore with an open heart and an unconditional trust to what you love.

But as you grow up, you stumble upon some things you love and you think they’ll be delicious, however, they turn to give a really bad taste.

And you are left confused, hurt, standing alone with a bad taste in your mouth. So you start doubting other things that you love. You start avoiding similar things that you love.

As you get older you keep stumbling upon things that give you a bad taste to a point where you start doubting if anything that you love is good for you.

Because some things gave you a bad taste you turn your back on your heart.

You start being more logical, examining the buffe before you take a bite of something, overthinking your decisions and doubting your every choice.

You start fearing certain things and hating things you loved but gave you a bad taste. Some you forgive, some you forget, but you don’t trust your heart the way you used to.

And you end up taking only things that others approve, that are safe, and most of them you don’t even like nor care taking from the great buffe that once was exciting.

But here is the thing we all fail to realize.

Just because some pieces gave you a bad taste it doesn’t mean that all similar pieces are the same, nor that you love them less. It just means that you took some bad ones.

You still love what you love even if some of it tastes bad!

The great buffe will lose its meaning if you keep running away from everything that leaves a bad taste. It will become a torture, not a festivity.

And as you run away and keep shutting down the desires of your heart you are giving away your power, choice by choice.

Stop running. Stop shushing your heart. Surrender to what you resist to love.

The best clue to what you resist to love is found in the things you hate. Examine them. Ask why you hate them. More importantly, ask yourself what you secretly love in them.

Keep gathering all the things that you forgot you love. All the little pieces of love you scattered just because some reminder of them gave you a bad taste.

The song you loved listening with your ex, the sweater that others made fun of, the hobby that you were passionate about but your family said it won’t lead you anywhere, the pet you wanted to keep but you read it demands a lot of time, the book you wanted to write but didn’t because you saw a movie where writers are not cool, the silly things only you would laugh at, the friend that hurt you, the person who didn’t love you back.

Embrace everything that you love!

Listen to your favorite music, wear that sweater, do the hobby, get a pet, write the book, play, laugh, dance, do silly things, forgive your friend, talk to them, find a new friend.

Love again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. And if others don’t love you back, keep freakin loving.

It’s your heart! It’s your freakin love and it’s your freakin right to beam it out!

Nobody can take this from you if you don’t turn your back on your own heart! Nobody! And that’s the core where you’ll find your true power!

Love the hell out of the things that you love!

It’s not a game where the winner is the one who was loved more or equally to the times they loved.

The loser is not the one who loves and is not loved back. If there is anyone who is a loser, than it is the one who stops loving because it is not loved back.

Because it is not about the taste, it was never about the taste. It’s about being free to take what you love from the buffe even if it tastes bad.

And as you start taking everything that you love, and you put it together like a giant ball of light, and you look at it deeply, you will find the essence of your power!

Start wearing everything that you love as an armor, and use your heart as a weapon, that’s how you will unlock your true power!

The only way to unlock your true power is through loving!

And not just any kind of loving, but full unconditional loving with a complete faith in your heart, just as when you were a kid! That’s where your power lies!

It was always about loving. About freedom to love. About you being able to love what you love without questioning your heart.

It’s about being unapologetically you!

And once you do this, the buffe will become exciting and joyful again! You will feel like the real you that you haven’t felt for years!

As you take the things that you love, and keep your heart open even if some of them give you bad taste, you will construct your reality through love.

Such reality, a reality created by unconditional loving, is a reality where you are free to live up to your true potential! It’s a reality where you are free to be your true self and thrive!

So love!

Rebel with love!

Fight back with your love!

The real revolution is revolution of love!