If You Can Choose Anything, What’s The One Thing You Should Start Doing This September To Be Healthier…


Laughter is the best remedy.

Laughter might not be the most effective medicine in reality, but it certainly is an essential for health.

If you do not laugh at least once per day, than what are you doing?! Really, ask yourself. What are you doing?

If everything is alright with you, than there is no reason not to laugh, at least once per day. And if something is actually wrong, than laughter is necessary.

There are serious things in life, of course, and we should take some things more serious than others. But no thing is a valid reason for you to not laugh at least once per day.

Laughter will not just flash out negative emotions and raise your vibes, but it will give you a better perspective with more options that might help you.

That’s why for this month we are giving you this simple habit to implement in your lifestyle, because it’s something that has an effect not just on your health, but many other areas.

Laugh at least once per day!one-thing-you-should-start-doing-this-september-to-be-healthier

Laughter is more beneficial to your health than you realize. Here are some health benefits that laughter gives.

It reduces stress hormones while enhancing health improving hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters. It boosts the immune system and regulates blood pressure.

It has a positive effect on your brain as it improves memory and enhances creativity. It increases blood oxygenation boosting the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain.

It is said to be one of the best natural exercises that includes muscles we rarely use like  the body’s diaphragm and the abdominal muscle systems strengthening the core.

If this is not enough laughter drastically and instantly improves your mood. Even fake laughter can increase the amount of happy emotions you are feeling.

By having a better mood your productivity and performance levels will improve and your overall success rate will increase.

So start laughing at least once per day. It’s free. Create a fun time for yourself at a certain period of your day when you will watch funny videos, movies or a TV Show.

If you can’t find anything that can make you laugh, and that’s impossible if you really try, than just fake a smile for 30 seconds, you will trick your brain to produce happy feelings.

This is really the one thing you can do that will make you healthier, improve your overall mood, increase your creativity and light up your spirit.