Hilarious Video Of Kids Saying The Most Unexpected Things Is The Cutest Thing I’ve Seen Today


Do you have a moment from your childhood that when your parents think back at it they laugh to tears every time? Of course you do.

We all have such moments, when we did something hilariously stupid. Kids tend to create such moments because they act unfiltered.

Kids absorb the behavior of grown ups and they love to pretend they are adults. But when they act as adults they are hilarious.

It’s because kids are honest. They don’t have as much filters for being socially acceptable as adults have, so the result is something that adults laugh to tears at.

Kids do not pretend to like someone just so they don’t hurt their feelings, they will say it plain and directly to someone’s face, even if it’s one of their parents.

Kids have very small threshold for annoyance and bad feelings, so if they feel hungry they will act as if their whole world is ruined.

Kids perceive the world through their pure hearts. So when they get a chance they will try to help someone, and it will be in the funniest way possible.

Kids don’t know about established rules that we all follow. They will do something we wouldn’t even think of and question the rule in question with the most sincere reply.

And all of these things will remind us about the honest and pure perception we all had when we were children.

My advice is to look within that perception as you are reminded. Examine it deeply. There is a treasure within that we have forgotten.

We need to find this childish essence within our own hearts, because even though illogical, it reminds us of the truest and unfiltered version of ourselves.

Watch this hilarious video of kids saying the most unexpected things: