Everyone Laughed At Her Painting Skills Until The End Of The Performance


We are all quick to judge. We keep ourselves at an incredible high standard, and we often fail to see the greatness most people hold within.

We don’t look twice. We instantly assume we know everything about someone just by spending 30 seconds with them. We rarely give second chances.

Our inner voice is so judgmental that we can’t be anything less than perfect. And if someone shows a moment of weakness, we belittle them.

To prove this, an artist attended the “I Have A Talent” show and started painting with two brushes, as that was supposedly her real performance.

The judges acted really harshly, even if that was her whole performance, but little did they know is that pressing the buttons was exactly what this woman wanted.

Even the crowd started laughing at her skills just because the judges started pressing the buttons. And this is exactly my point.

People in large crowds do not think for themselves. They are a bigger entity that follows what people with authority suggest.

Nobody wants to be laughing alone, but when a couple of people start, it’s like they are given permission to do so.

Most people do not like to be different than the crowd so they will follow what the majority does, even if what the majority does is wrong.

I know this is a little exaggerated view of this video, but it is a great reminder of this theory.

Anyway, as all of the judges press their buttons, and the crowd thinks this artist has no chance of passing, she rotates the painting and everyone is left astounded.

Watch the whole video and see the priceless reaction of the judges and the crowd when this woman proves them all wrong.

Everyone Laughed At Her Painting Until The End Of The Performance: