Asked “Why Is America The Greatest Country In The World” This Man Gives The Most Honest Answer I’ve Ever Heard


As you grow up you watch movies, and since most movies are about Americans, you start to picture the USA as this idol of a country.

So you learn from these American heroes, from their ideals, courage, values and lessons these movies try to teach.

And you create a picture that the USA is the greatest country in the world because of what these movie characters stand for, because of their spirit.

And yes, if USA integrated the values of these heroes it would really be one of the greatest countries in the world.

But if it did, if it really was the country founded on the values of the heroes we watched growing up, it would never assume it’s the greatest country in the world.

Because these heroes, they did not stood for some imaginary competition. What they stood for was something else entirely.

Some stood for unity, some for love, some showed us how to face our fears even when we are most afraid. But all of them stood for what’s right.

And what’s right is not that one country is the greatest, that’s just food for the ego, a shallow fragment of what the whole picture can be.

The right and honest thing is that no country is the greatest in the world. All countries have something special and beautiful about them, and all countries have some flaws.

Some have better food, others have beautiful sceneries. All countries have something to offer.

But to see this we have to accept that the world is not a competition. That we are all in this ship together.

And just as there are no better people, there are no better countries. We are all unique in a personal way.

There is no way to measure who’s better on a level of humanity. There are no parameters you can use. How would you know the measurement units when you are a human yourself?

We all have different stories, we all have different flaws and talents, different lessons to teach and different fruits to give. Just as every country, town and village.

Every country has a history, a culture and a spirit that can teach us something we don’t know. What the spirit represents is what matters.

Competing with each other with an intent to step over each other is not what the heroes stood for.

It’s not about what country is the best country in the world, it’s about sharing what each country it’s the best at with the world.

We all have one home. All we have in the great vastness of The Universe is each other. It’s about helping our fellow humans and giving a hand when we can.

It’s about sharing what’s very best within us with the world. Making the world a bit better and happier with a talent we have, no matter how small.

We can all strive to be great, but not with an intent to be better than each other, but to be better for each other.

This is a scene from a TV Show where a man is asked why is America the greatest country in the world. What he says is the most honest answer to this question I have ever heard.

The most honest answer to the question “Why Is America The Greatest Country In The World”: