After Watching This Video You Will Realize The World Is Full Of Miracles


It’s normal for the average human to complain throughout the day. It’s normal to pretend we are the punching bag.

It’s normal to think the world is somehow against us, like we are punished each day for something we don’t even know we did.

But if we actually look around, and really see all the gifts the world is giving us every single second of every single day, we will fall on our knees thanking it with all our hearts.

We are so ungrateful as species, and as a generation especially. We complain about the tiniest of details completely ignoring all the machinery in place for us to exist.

The average human has more today than any king in history ever imagined is possible, and yet, we feel more miserable than slaves.

The eons of evolution, all the right moments in time coming together to make this day possible, and we complain about our coffee not having enough sugar?!

We take these little insignificant details that we do not like and we use them as evidence that the world hates us, completely ignoring the entirety of everything else that’s rihgt.

We fail to realize that even our ability to see and think for ourselves is a gift. The sun shining, the nature producing food for us to eat, the good weather, we overlook all of it.

We fail to see that every moment is a gift, the only real gift we ever have. We fail to see the miracle of existing.

We fail to see that the sole civilization we have developed is giving us gifts, miracles and beautiful opportunities every single second.

We can have every information we want with a push of a button, we can store food, we get food delivered without facing danger, we have hot water, safe shelters and internet.

How awesome is this?! How awesome is all that we have and all that is given to us every single second, and yet, we still complain?!

Watch the whole video below and you will realize that the world is full with miracles. That we should be thankful instead of complaining. That the world, if anything, is on our side.

The World Is Full Of Miracles: