7 Studies That Show How Astonishingly Powerful Your Mind Can Be


Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine. Every desire that you have can come into reality if you know how to use the true power of your mind.

If you don’t know how to operate with your mind properly, it also has the power to become your worst prison.

Your successes and failures are determined largely by the workings of your mind and the way you use it.

A lot of scientific studies have been done to prove that the human brain is the world’s most powerful and life changing force.

The following examples are just few of them that let you know the tremendous power of your mind.

7 Studies That Show How Astonishingly Powerful Your Mind Is:studies-show-how-powerful-your-mind-can-be

1. Meditation dried the sheet.

Meditation, when done regularly and for longer hours, can produce amazing results.

The most notable one happened in one study when the Tibetan monks allowed doctors to cloak them in wet, cold sheets and placed them in a room with a temperature enough to cause hypothermia in a person.

Doing the meditative yoga technique called g Tum mo, the monks generated body heat, causing the sheets covering the monks to dry.

The sheets completely dried within an hour.

According to the monks, the heat they generated was a by product of the meditation.

2. Dreams caused real injuries.

Many people had claimed to get injuries in their dreams and woke up having a physical evidence of the injury. Other even show scars and scratch marks.

Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson reported a case of the Indian named Durga Jatav who was at the time suffering from typhoid fever.

Jatav vividly dreamed of having been a captive of the other realm where his captors cut off his legs to keep him from escaping.

His legs were already severed when his captors realized they had the wrong man. As he was about to be released, Jatav asked for his legs for he couldn’t leave without them. They were then reattached.

When he awakened, deep fissures were found around his knees that were never there before. But X ray photographs showed no abnormality under the skin’s surface.

This makes Jatav and his family believe the more that the marks came from his vivid dream experience.

3. The nocebo effect.

The nocebo effect is the total opposite of the placebo, which is associated with positive outcomes.

In nocebo, the effects are negative, like a person having rashes after touching an ordinary plant believing it was poison ivy.

A story that is often cited is the incident of an Alabama man who was told by a witch doctor that he will die soon. After a few weeks, the man fell ill and was close to death.

But doctors did not find anything wrong with him.

After hearing what happened to the man prior to his condition, Dr. Doherty fabricated a story telling the couple he had tracked down the witch doctor and had him admit of putting a lizard inside the man that ate him from the inside.

The doctor assured his patient that he had injected him with a substance that successfully extracted the green lizard from his body. The next day, the man awoke alert and soon recovered.

4. Meditation blocks out the pain.

The Dutch Jewish writer, Jack Schwartz, was among those forced into the Nazi concentration camp during the second world war. He received horrible torture like many others.

Without losing hope, Schwartz started to practice meditation and prayer, which later enabled him to block out the pain and stay sane while in that dreadful situation.

Schwartz continued the practice even after his release. With his mind over matter practice, Schwartz can pierce his skin with a needle without causing injury on it.

Researchers from the Menninger Foundation proved how his brain, which had different electrical activity compared to the other test subjects, could control many of his bodily processes.

Schwartz even claimed seeing people’s auras too.

5. Visualization has profound effects on sports.

While most athletes attributed their mastery of the game through mental practice, the bodily changes during visualizations may go deeper.

One instance is the case of Air Force Colonel George Hall who was held captive in North Vietnam. With nothing to do inside the small, dark room where he was imprisoned, he visualized playing golf every day.

He saw himself hit the ball off the tree, raked the sand straps, felt the wind, and finally tapped the ball into the hall.

Despite being weak and losing a lot of weight, he requested to play golf after he was released.

When he broke a 76, everybody thought it was a beginner’s luck. But the truth was he never stepped on a golf course for over 7 years. His imagination only did and his muscles cooperated.

6. Positive mindset can help the healing.

Several medical studies prove that cancer patients who are exposed to positive reinforcement have a great chance of survival than those who don’t.

David Seidler took positivity to a higher level. He claimed having eliminated his cancer through meditation and imagination.

For years, he battled with bladder cancer until he resolved of getting rid with it through the use of his imagination.

Two weeks before his scheduled surgery, he started envisioning his bladder to be clean, cream colored, and healthy.

No cancer cells were found during the pre surgery biopsy. For Seidler, it was the work of his visualizations.

7. A simple change in mindset can give weight loss.

Losing weight takes more than just diet and a physical activity regimen. While being the most important component, it is often overlooked. This is about having the right mindset.

To prove how the mind affects the body, psychologist Ellen Langer conducted an experiment that has predominantly overweight maids as test subjects. With the physical exertion in their work, they should have been thin.

A survey said 67% of the maids felt they didn’t do any type of exercise. Believing the women’s perception hampered in their weight loss, Langer took aside half of the women.

Their physical measurements were taken and they were also informed that they were living an active lifestyle through their cleaning work. No information was given to the other half of the maids.

After one month, those who were educated were found to have a decreased blood pressure and weight, while no changes were found with the other half.

Langer felt that a change in mindset triggered the change in the maids’ bodies.