How To Be The Best Self: 3 Things To Do This September To Be A Better Version Of Yourself


We realized how important self care really is so we dedicated the last month exactly on what you needed to nurture your self.

This month is all about starting to move forward again. It’s about creating a strategy, making a plan and organizing.

A great organization and planning can get you closer to your dream much faster than any other skill.

So in order to tackle your goals and create the best version of yourself you will need to sharpen these skills.

This month we will do 3 things that will immensely help you to better organize and have a sharper aim at your goals.

3 Things To Do This September To Be The Best Self:best-self-3-things-september-better-version

1. Decide what’s the biggest goal you want to accomplish.

Sit down and think, really think about what’s your biggest goal. What, if you accomplish will make everything else much better. When you know this goal, write it down. Now see where you are right now. Start from your goal and create smaller checkpoints until you reach where you are right now. This will give you a map of what you need to do and where you need to go in order to reach your biggest goal.

2. Create monthly strategy with goals and checkpoints.

Create a monthly schedule that will lead you to reach something you would like to reach that month, and something that’s leading you closer to your dreams. When you decide what goal it will be for this month, create smaller weekly checkpoints. Create a schedule of tasks and activities you would need to do daily to reach these weekly checkpoints that lead you toward your monthly goal.

3. Make a daily schedule.

Create a default schedule that you will follow each day. It’s ok to do new and exciting things but you also need to have some constant that’s slowly but surely leading you toward achieving your goals, maintaining your accomplishments and improving you daily. Make sure you include activities that satisfy all your pillars, the spirit, the mind, the body and the heart. Do not neglect any parts of your being and make sure you get better as a whole.