Why Do Mentally Strong People Never Succumb To Self Pity


One of the factors that make people mentally strong is their ability to keep a healthy confidence at any odd that comes their way.

They’re not without fear, but they know how to face their fear. They have a place within from where they find inner confidence even in the midst of the most dreadful situation.

This is where mentally strong people differ from the rest of us. They’re able to detect the  things that lower their self esteem and beat them before they weaken them.

While interviewing 10 mentally strong people, researchers found that they shared one similar perspective, self pity destroys one’s life.

Self pity could be downright the most self destructive habit, making the person powerless to overcome even the smallest obstacles that loom over their way.

Mentally strong people are keenly aware when self pity is about to arise. So, they prevent it immediately because they know it means to lose even before the real battle begins.

Here is how self pity harms your character and takes away your power without you even knowing it’s not working for you, but against you.

3 Reasons Why Mentally Strong People Don’t Succumb To Self Pity:mentally-strong-people-self-pity

1. Self pity encourages a build up of negativity.

Life is a cycle of losses and winnings. You learn from the losses and you gain confidence from the winnings.

If you can’t see things this way, you may end up believing that life is a battle that should be always won. And when you don’t win, you may believe something is wrong with you.

Failing to recognize this thought process can harm your self worth and could cause your well functioning world to crumble.

This can be the greatest reason why some people succumb to self pity. As they host a self pity party, negativity starts to build up.

Feelings of low self worth can lower your energetic vibration. When others sense your lower vibration, they start to stay away from you, leaving you more isolated.

2. Self pity destroys productivity.

The moment self pity destroys your worth, your productivity naturally gets affected. Being in this state will most likely make anyone apathetic.

This may create problems in your workplace, which you may be bringing into your home and spreading with your close friends.

The worst thing is that you will lack the motivation and productivity to do something about your problems.

It puts you in a negative momentum that leads to being more apathetic, this creates more self pity and that destroys your productivity even more.

The best way to escape this cycle is to prevent self pity before it settles. However, the second best is to stop it. Take responsibility and force yourself to take action.

3. Self pity prevents opportunities for learning.

Mistakes can be used in your advantage, that is where you see opportunities for learning and growth. Indulging in self pity prevents you from seeing mistakes this way.

Instead, you’re likely to blame people for the hardships and difficulties that you may have faced when you indulge in self pity.

Mentally strong people always see the bright side of life’s difficulties even if they feel down at times.

They feel their pain then move on from there to look for the space that allows them to grow.

Being mentally strong is not about not making any mistakes, it’s about facing mistakes and using mistakes in your own advantage. There is no need for self pity in anything they do.