The 3 Things A Healthy Relationship Must Have To Thrive


What happens when you stop nurturing a relationship with care and attention?

It gradually begins to recede into the background until it dies.

Hence it is essential to evaluate your relationship every now and then to see if you are getting too comfortable in its banality.

If yes, then maybe it’s time to rekindle the spirit of love again.

These are the 3 things a relationship must have in order to be healthy and thrive.

The 3 Things Thriving Relationships Must Have:things-relationship-must-have-to-thrive

1. Observe, question and discuss.

It’s very important for people in a relationship to observe the changes in them and their partners. If you suspect any change in mood or behavior, ask questions. Sometimes just discussing things with your partner, or answering their queries, helps you organize your feelings better. Asking questions and discussing opinions will make your bond stronger. Look for the solutions together and help each other organize your thoughts. It will certainly make you feel more relaxed sharing the emotional burden equally.

2. Random romantic acts of love.

Small gestures of love spontaneously placed around the house are always a delight. Slip a love note expressing your affection and gratitude for who they are. Stick a funny note on the fridge expressing your love for them. Do your partner’s chore for a change. You could get up 10 minutes in advance and make a delicious breakfast for them. Show up in their office with a present. Be their secret admirer. Small romantic gestures are the things that make the biggest difference in keeping the love alive and the relationship thriving.

3. Quality time for each other.

Mostly we’re so busy in our daily schedule that we rush to work without even sharing some morning time with our partner. But if you think about it, what’s the point of success if you don’t spend quality time with the people you love. If you can’t be just a couple of minutes late, wake up earlier just to cuddle your partner. It’ll be your most special moment of the day. Spend time together, go on trips, cook, start a mutual project both of you are passionate about, learn something new, play games, go to the cinema, help each other out with something, it will help you grow together individually, and as a couple.