How To Know If Your Partner Is No Longer Good For You?


Having someone to build a loving relationship with is a beautiful thing, however, only if they are the right person for you.

Being in a relationship with someone who is no longer good for you can be hell. It can damage both of you emotionally and spiritually.

Of course, it’s normal to have a couple of fights, every relationship has them, but these fights are constructive and for the best of the relationship.

To be more concise, the right relationship is a platform that makes both, you and your partner better versions.

The biggest mistake people make in a relationship is letting their love shape the way they see reality.

They are convincing themselves that their intuition is wrong, that they are just overly worried or maybe even needy.

But the truth is, you feel some kind of unease about your relationship for a reason. So here is how you make really sure whether or not your partner is no longer good for you.

There Are 6 Big Signs That Tell Your Partner Is No Longer Good For You:how-to-know-your-partner-is-no-good-for-you

1. Your partner has different core values about the relationship.

You might have started your relationship without a direction. However, as people grow and change, so do relationships.

he difference is, in order for a relationship to grow, both people need to have the same goals for where the relationship is going.

If you are looking for the relationship to become more serious, and your partner is not there yet, you should talk.

If they don’t share your goals, and they just want to fool around while you want to build a family, than you are wasting your time with them.

2. Your partner does not want to meet your physical and emotional needs.

Attraction is what pushes you and your partner together to form a relationship. Without attraction, you are just friends.

You both have physical and emotional needs, and relationships are mainly designed to meet these needs.

If your partner is no longer attracted to you, or if they don’t care to make you feel loved, than what are they doing in a relationship with you.

You should ask them exactly this. Maybe you can do something to reignite the passion. If they are not interested, you don’t fit together.

3. Your partner is holding you back.

A relationship, as we said, is a platform that makes both people involved better versions. If your partner tries to sabotage your success than they are holding you back.

People can become needy, and often times, people in a relationship are scared if their partner starts to grow faster than them.

They are afraid of their partner overgrowing them and leaving, so they subconsciously hold them back and sabotage them. Codependency is choking your growth.

Instead, a relationship should be interdependent, where both partners focus on their personal growth, they support each other and help each other grow more.

Even if one partner grows faster than the other, they choose to value their partner’s successes.

They support their partner from a place of love and abundance, rather than sabotage each other from a place of scarcity and fear.

4. Your partner is abusing you.

Abuse doesn’t need to be physical.

There is emotional abuse, one where your partner torments you through emotions, creates drama, makes you feel guilty and acts as if nothing happened without talking about it.

There is mental abuse, one where your partner might gaslight you or make you feel insane.

And there is spiritual abuse, one where your partner might poison drip you with negativity and fear until you reduce your social life to a point where you don’t leave your home.

All types of abuses are major warning signs that this partner is not the right one for you.

5. Your partner is not respecting you.

Mutual respect is one of the main ingredients for a healthy relationship. This does not mean that you should always agree with each other.

In fact, having different opinions and conversing about them is a constructive habit most healthy relationships have.

Having mutual respect means you respect your partner’s opinions and views even though you might not agree with all of them.

This respect goes beyond who is right and who is wrong. It’s a sign of trust, love and humbleness.

If your partner lacks respect for you, they are not accepting you as you are, they try to change you into something they agree with.

6. Your partner does not care.

If your partner is not involved in the relationship as much as you are, you should talk with them.

The right partner will see their errors and try to make things better by some kind of change in behavior or demonstration of their care for the relationship.

It’s normal to make errors in a relationship, however, it’s how we make up for our errors that matters. It shows what kind of people we truly choose to be.

The right partner cares about your relationship and they choose to keep your love alive every single day.

If they lack this essential trait, they don’t fit to be a part of the relationship, and they are not good for you.