5 Things That Protect You From Autoimmune Diseases


An autoimmune disease is said to be a condition where your immune system attacks the healthy cells of your body by mistake.

When this happens, your body sends you symptoms that could include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, allergies, and others.

The traditional way of treating these diseases is through taking medication. However, with the emergence of new healing modalities, in this age, some people prefer the natural way of treatment through total diet and lifestyle changes.

Moreover, there is the idea introduced by Medical Medium Anthony William, a person who has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed, ineffectively treated or that doctors can’t resolve.

He states that, in reality, the body cannot attack itself because it only loves the self and supports it unconditionally.

With this concept in mind, you have the power to heal yourself from autoimmune diseases or whatever kind of illnesses you’re suffering from right now by totally changing your perception of your body and your health.

The healing is a process that begins with the following steps.

5 Things That You Should Be Doing To Protect Yourself From Autoimmune Diseases:things-that-protect-you-from-autoimmune-diseases

1. Change the stories you tell yourself.

It is but human nature to believe the stories of others who suffer the same physical pain as you. Pain can render you helpless.

As such, when you’re in the situation, you have the tendency to tell yourself stories that only weaken you more.

These disempowering thoughts can render your body helpless to heal itself. However, you can change these stories right away.

What most people don’t know is, there’s a strong connection between negative self talk and health. Positive mindset can do wonders, it can significantly improve your immunity.

By thinking positive and empowering thoughts you are not just empowering yourself, but you are perceiving more options that might be helpful and healthy for you.

2. Heal inner blockages of energy.

Judging and blaming yourself for a long period of time can create a misalignment of energy and this will result in a blockage of energy flow.

Once a blockage develops, and it is not treated on time, it results in physical illnesses. By neglecting your inner struggles you are neglecting the flow of your energy.

Additionally, past traumas and guilt can be stored in the areas of the lower chakras and interfere with the reproduction and digestion functions.

What you must do is to stop blaming yourself. Face your inner trauma and start to shower yourself with unconditional love.

When you stop neglecting the inner trauma you let energy flow there and eventually heal it. This eradicates the blockage and let’s your energy flow undisrupted.

3. Go back to your essence.

Going back to your essence means going beyond your mind, body, heart and spirit, and creating a connection to your soul.

This connects you to the essence that projects itself through your mind, body, heart and spirit.

When you connect to your original blueprint you restore yourself to a version of you that is meant to be harmonious.

You can feel whole again and you will see the disharmony and where it resides. By knowing what to harmonize you can know what to fix.

You can do this through meditation, nature connection, and aligning yourself with who you truly are. When you’re fully aware of your being, you consciously know what you need.

4. Trust your gut and intuition about what is right for you.

You are gifted with a spiritual tool that helps you sense what’s best for you, and what might be wrong. This is your intuition or gut feeling.

You might do something that everybody tells you to do, but if you sense it’s wrong for you than it might be wrong for you.

We might focus on healing the body when the real issue resides in our emotional self, or mental self.

It’s ok to listen to other people who know more than you, but when something feels offbeat, take a pause and think twice. Find other options, evaluate and stay open.

You know yourself best. You know your flaws, triggers and warning signs. You know what makes you feel good deep within and what is just avoidance of the real problem.

5. Take the necessary steps to maintain your health.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for professional help when you feel something is wrong with your body. In fact, we advise it.

However, you should know that most medical health professionals are trained only on the biological makeup of the body.

The treatments therefore focus more on the chemical and structural aspects of it. But science has shown that it works.

Maintaining your health is not just external. There is the external part, like your food choices, the activities and the chemicals you put within you.

But there is also an internal part consisting of your thought processes, beliefs and energy flow. Both of these parts these can either strengthen or weaken you.

Chronic illnesses are mostly caused by an imbalance in a person’s energetic makeup. These energy fields govern the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being.

Living to the truth that you’re an energetic being who is composed of mind, body, heart and spirit keeps you whole and aligned with this truth.

Unless you claim your power back, you can’t heal yourself fully because what happens outside is only a manifestation of what’s going on inside.

There may be limiting beliefs you need to overcome or situations, thought patterns you need to change.

Start to nourish your body physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Your body is intelligent and resilient.

Health is its natural state. Support it in healing itself by making health easy. Your being knows how to heal itself naturally.

Look at your relationships and career. Are they empowering you or sucking the life out of you?

Whatever answer you may find, make sure you do the necessary steps that will lead you to wholeness and vibrant health.