10 Signs That Tell Your Partner Truly Loves You


Having somebody that loves you is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in life.

Most relationships nowadays are based on some form of advantage. Your partner might say they love you, they might even act as if they love you, but you feel there is something off.

When someone loves somebody there are signs they can’t help but show. Real love cannot be faked.

As much as you want to hide loving somebody, there are certain things you can’t control. We all show these signs when we are touched by cupid’s arrow.

So if you want to know whether or not your partner truly loves you, see how much of these signs they show. If they show all 10 they are obsessed with you.

10 Signs Your Partner Truly Loves You:signs-your-partner-truly-loves-you

1. Wants to spend time with you.

Although both of you may be tied up with work, family, and other commitments, someone who truly cares about you will use whatever time is left over to have some alone time together. This is a clear indicator a person loves you.

2. Has a complete trust in you.

If your partner gives you the benefit of a doubt it means they trust you. A partner who doesn’t question where you are if you come home late or doesn’t snoop through your cell phone bills is showing the kind of trust that shows a sign of real love.

3. Respects your views and opinions.

You will find yourself on a different side of an argument with your partner. It’s normal to have different views and opinions about certain topics. However, someone who truly loves you will not disrespect you for your views. They will disagree, but they will show respect.

4. Asks about your day.

Someone who truly loves you will ask about your day when you are alone with them. They will see if they can help you with something, or just lend you a listening ear to have as an outlet you can use to filter out daily stress. When they ask, they will listen.

5. Likes to connect with you emotionally.

A partner who truly loves you will not be afraid to be emotionally available. They will want to share their emotions with you. And they will not be afraid to connect with you on a deeper level, to listen to your deeper feelings, worries and desires.

6. Looks deeply into your eyes.

Someone who looks away while you talk either hides something from you or is not interested in what you have to say. A partner who really loves you will be drawn deep into your eyes as you speak. They will look deeply in your eyes, even if you don’t say anything.

7. Their pupils dilate when looking at you.

A little detail we can’t help to control when we love someone is the dilation of our pupils. When we look at things we love our pupils dilate. If your partner looks deeply in your eyes and their pupils are dilated there is a big chance they are in love with you.

8. Makes you feel good about yourself.

Partner who loves you will try almost anything to make you feel good about yourself. If your partner tries to change your perspective into a more positive one as you whine, they are showing a big sign of true caring and love for you. Try to be aware of this.

9. Laughs at your jokes even if they are not that funny.

The reaction people give us when we tell a joke can say a lot about their intention and feelings they have for us. If someone laughs at your jokes all the time, even though you know your jokes are not this good, they either want a promotion or they really love you.

10. Includes you in their decisions.

Probably the biggest sign your partner truly loves and respects you is including you in their decisions. This means they love to make you a part of their life. They will ask you for an opinion and they will consider your advices when you give them.

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