10 Mental Abilities You Don’t Realize You Have


Our mind is a powerful tool. We can all agree to this. However, not a lot of us are really aware of what our minds can do at any moment.

We are so used to living the way we do that everything our mind does for us to experience reality is taken for granted.

We accept it as normal and we don’t even realize the complexity and evolutionary advantage behind it.

Every normal human being is capable of so many wondrous things considering what their mind is capable of doing. However, we don’t know how to manage our mind.

Just the process of absorbing data from around you is so unbelievably complex that it’s a miracle we can all see each other.

Here are 10 mental abilities we all have but we are not aware of, so we don’t use their full potential by managing our mind properly.

10 Mental Abilities We All Have:mental-abilities-you-dont-realize-you-have

1. Managing Impulsivity

You have the ability to take your time and think before you act. To be thoughtful and deliberative in your action making. Unlike many species, you can act, not just react.

2. Attentive Listening

You have the ability to listen with intention to understand others. You can listen and see other people’s perspectives. Make an effort to understand others’ ideas and points of views. You can see through the eyes of the people you listen to.

3. Questioning

You can question reality around you. You can be flexible with your thoughts and ready to try different alternatives and options. Do not take anything for granted and question everything. Questions are the key to a better understanding and finding solutions where you didn’t think can be found.

4. Observing Your Thinking

You can become aware of your own thinking processes and the impact it has on your action and behaviour. Observe your triggers and thought patterns. Get to know yourself better.

5. Applying Past Knowledge

You can draw on your prior knowledge to enhance your present learning experiences. Maintain a connection between your past knowledge and your actual learning.

6. Gather Data Through All Senses

You can use all your senses to collect data from the world around you and construct your reality. Observe the world around you and use your senses to explore it on different layers.

7. Imagination

You can be creative and imaginative in your thinking. You can connect different things and see what they make. Look for new untrodden paths and explore novel possibilities.

8. Learning

You are able to gather knowledge from others and learn lessons. You can learn from other’s experience. Enjoy your learning and have fun learning more. Learning is a life long journey.

9. Calculating And Organizing

You can list things you want to do, calculate and order them into your schedule. You can do so many things within a day with the right organization.

10. Chunking

You can merge complex data and big information into smaller pieces by finding mutual meaning that connects it so you can easily recall it. You can use trigger words to unzip it.