6 Tricks To Shift Your Mental Focus From Negative To Positive


A positive mind helps raise your vibration. Having a higher vibration helps you align yourself with your purpose and your higher self.

But then, having a positive perspective isn’t always easy. There are a lot of things around that could take away your focus.

Even if you’re not directly affected by external negative forces, your past programming may catch you off guard. And there you are again focusing on thoughts that drain your energy without your awareness.

Being always aware of your thoughts is key, but it would take a lot of effort on your part. There’s no need to worry, though. There are tricks that you can employ to shift your negative mental focus into a positive one.

For some, one trick does it. But if it isn’t enough, you can employ two or more.

Use these tricks often to stay positive until they become a habit. Once they become your habit, you can still stay grounded even during the hard knocks of life.

6 Tricks To Shift Your Mental Focus To Positive:shift-your-mental-focus-positive

1. Look for the most beautiful sight around you.

Seeing a true beauty like a sunset or sunrise simply shifts your focus to a more positive one.

When they’re not accessible, gaze around you and find something beautiful, such as a smiling person, a beautiful flower, a car of your favorite color, or a lovely couple.

Anything that touches your soul has the power to raise your vibes and shift your perception.

2. Recall happy memories.

When you catch yourself thinking negatively or feeling low, think of some happy memories.

They might be a moment at a party, having your first pet, climbing a tree for the first time, the arrival of a new family member, something you thought was serious but now is funny.

Recalling even one happy memory is enough to shift your thinking and feeling into a positive one.

3. Look forward to some exciting activity you want to do in the future.

Planning something to do in the future is fun and exciting. You feel the thrill just by thinking of it.

So, when you have a hard time shaking off some negative thoughts, try to look forward to your future plans.

It must be exciting to see yourself enjoying your most awaited vacation. This not only shifts your mental focus but also increases your vibration.

4. Make a gratitude list.

When your mind dwells on the negative things in life, your focus is mostly on the things that you don’t have or want to avoid.

Take yourself away from this place by listing down the things that you’re most grateful for. As you do this you shift from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance.

List as many as you’d like until you feel your mind vibrates from a positive space. This will show you how much you really have but tend to ignore.

5. Imagine being hugged by the people you love.

Being hugged by someone you love is one of the most beautiful feelings there is in the world. But if it’s not available, use your mind.

Visualize yourself being hugged by someone you love. Feel the warmth of that loving embrace and imagine what you would say to your loved one.

You can also imagine hugging your pet, your friends, and anybody you care about. Your thoughts will instantly shift and your emotions will become loving and positive.

6. Stop what you are doing, breathe, and come to the present moment.

When you feel negative emotions and negative thoughts rush through your mind, just stop. Take a look around you, try to sense what you feel, breathe. Breathe deeply for a minute.

This will bring you to the present moment and the present moment will remind you of your power. Reminding yourself of your personal power will shift your mental focus into positive.

You may not have the power to control the thoughts that come into your mind, but you do have the power and ability to choose what you want to focus on.