3 Ways To Better Use Your Intuition And Expand Your Consciousness


Psychology defines an intuition to be nothing more than connecting, within a context, a range of information that the unconscious mind absorbs every minute.

Neuro linguistic programming expert Malti Bhojwani says that our unconscious mind observes and stores every ounce of data, and when needed, it picks up relevant information and presents it to us.

This is the reason why we have hunches that are mostly right. The needed information has been along with us, in the subconscious mind.

Acting like a signal, intuition tells us whether to do something or not, allows us to feel when something is not right, and pulls us in a direction where we end up being in the right place at the right time.

What may seem a coincidence is likely a right calculation from our intuition. And surprisingly, they come in a manner that we don’t expect.

The good news is the more we exercise our intuition, the more we expand our consciousness.

3 Ways To Better Use Your Intuition:ways-to-better-use-your-intuition

1. Connect with your inner self.

Connecting with your inner self is, in a way, putting yourself in meditation.

Set aside an alone time and sit in silence. Put yourself in a relaxed position of openness. Watch your thoughts as they come and go.

Be aware of your breathing. Think of any problem that you have and ask for help as you relax your mind.

Asking for a solution to a specific problem and being in a calm state of mind creates a connection to the intuitive mind, making it possible for the answer to surface.

Connecting with your inner self works best if you do it before bed or if you do it for five minutes three times a day.

2. Expand your awareness.

After you have established a connection to your inner self, expand the sphere of your consciousness. This includes the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic levels.

Observe every tiny detail around you, the colors, the textures, shades and the shapes. Notice the different sounds around you, the conversations, sounds of traffic and vehicles, sounds of animals, and the voices in your head.

Notice the different sensations your skin feels. Feel the temperature, the wind blowing on your skin, the freshness of the air, or the softness or hardness on the ground or sofa you’re sitting on.

This is a way of bringing into your consciousness the things that your unconscious mind notices and stores. Having this association provides you with a clearer understanding of all the things your mind perceives without you consciously being aware of.

Exercise all your senses and train your mind to perceive the details. This strengthens the connection and transfer of information between your conscious and unconscious part of your mind. it makes it easier for you to recognize hunches when they show up.

3. Keep a journal.

Write in a notebook everything that feels like a hunch. See if some of it comes true.

Try to distinguish between real hunches and what appears to be a hunch but it’s only your own judgments and prejudices. Reviewing your notes helps you validate your hunch.

You can also make it fun by writing your impressions of the people that you meet for a particular occasion. When you have the chance, ask the person to check whether your impressions of them were right or wrong.

Then make connections why you have that impression for that particular person. You’ll see how things connect.

Seeing that everything is connected keeps you calm in turbulent times. You might not understand the flow of events but when you keep a relaxed mind, you will feel that everything happens for a reason.

Your hunches are meant to be your guides, hints from your soul. But they are not the smartest choice. That’s why you have your mind. Sometimes a smart mindful choice can be a better decision than mindlessly following your intuition. However, most often, your hunches are right.