Astrology And Cosmic Update For July 2018: Here is What July is Bringing for Each Person


The past month was high in speed meaning that a lot of action taking was done by your side.

This month will probably be slower in speed but the same intensity will be felt energetically. The high energy intensity might be overwhelming for some but it’s unwise to resist it because it will just heighten its intensity and prevent you from using its gifts.

Use this high intensity energy to let energetic blockages and thought patterns that no longer serve you be changed and released by energetic action taking.

The best thing you should do this month is to surrender to the energy and let it show you the message you need to hear. You can expect shifts in power dynamics within your relationships and shift in tempo. Stand for oneness and love.

Here Is What Astrologists Say July Has In Store For Each Person:what-july-2018-is-bringing-for-each-person

Eclipses always indicate major changes, shifts, and transformations. Everyone feels Eclipses differently, but their intensity is often something that is not easy to miss. They are always testing the strength of things in your life. If there are any weak spots, or things that have needed to be cleared for some time, Eclipse season often takes care of things for you.

If things fall away or break off during Eclipse season, it is usually a good idea to pay attention and go with the flow. Trying to go against the current of energy is likely to not work in your favor, so surrender and be open to wherever it may take you.

The first Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse on July 12th in the sign of Cancer. We have not had an Eclipse in Cancer since 2011, so this is definitely going to be a new energy we are all working with.

Solar Eclipses usually signify new beginnings. Think of them as super charged New Moons that help to light our way forward and get us thinking about the new.

It is likely that events from 2011 may reappear, or you may find that life shifts you in a new direction.

Around this Eclipse the planet of action and motivation, Mars, will be in retrograde which means that even though this Solar Eclipse may bring some new energy, we may not be able to fully work with it just yet. We may need to give things time and let things marinate before moving ahead.

The next Eclipse falls on the 27th in the sign of Aquarius. This is a Lunar Eclipse and is linked back to whatever was unfolding around February 2018.

This Lunar Eclipse is going to be helping us to clear things and wrap up lessons from our past. You can think of this Eclipse as a super charged Full Moon.

Emotions are likely to be high, and there may be some big developments. Secrets may be revealed, or tensions that have been bubbling beneath the surface may overflow and need to be dealt with.

Eclipses are always something to pay attention to, and are always a good time to really listen and check in with your surroundings. Even though their energy can be intense, they are always guiding us and helping us to know exactly what direction we need to be traveling in for our highest purpose.

Mercury also goes retrograde on the 25th, just a few days before the Lunar Eclipse, making a total of 5 planets in retrograde.

With so many planets in retrograde mode, things are going to slow down and we may not have a lot of motivation or ambition to move forward.

In fact, July is not the best month to move forward with big grand plans. Instead, it really is a time to sit back, pay attention and surrender to the flow of The Universe.

Being patient may be a good strategy, as July may stir up things up and bring some surprises your way. Don’t try to push ahead, instead try to go with the flow and follow what feels natural.

This is not to say you can’t take action and follow your instincts, but tread carefully and be sure you are listening and tuning into your heart.

The best thing you can do this month is to use it for self reflection and recharging your batteries. Reading new books, especially ones you always wanted to read is smart. Use this month to strengthen your inner connection with yourself and your passions. The best way to navigate forward is to surrender and allow yourself to be guided.