How To Be The Best Self: 3 Things To Do This July To Be A Better Version Of Yourself


The past couple of months were filled with action taking steps and habits that move you closer to the best version of yourself you want to become.

This month we will focus on reconnecting with your true self and reminding yourself of the perfection that you already are. We will do this through self reflection and recalibration while recharging ourselves.

We always strive to be a better version of ourselves, we forget that there is an essence within us that’s already perfect.

By reminding ourselves of this essence, reconnecting with ourselves and recharging, we are reminding ourselves of who we really are.

Realize that your best self is already you, it’s your essence, but we push it below piles of excuses and insecurities.

Becoming your best self means removing the blockages that prevent you from being who you already are.

3 Things To Do This July To Be The Best Self:best-self-3-things-july-better-version

1. Make a daily habit of Self Reflection.

Self reflection is something every person needs to implement in their daily lifestyle. It’s a tool that the wise use to learn lessons that most people learn by experience. Just take a moment of your day to sit with yourself and analyze the decisions, reactions and emotions you experienced throughout your day. See the underlying patterns and forces that operate in your subconsciousness and try to learn more about them. Learn more about your subconscious processes because they make most of your decisions. It’s best to practice this at the end of your day and write your conclusions in a journal. As you do this you will be more aware of your daily triggers and reactions. You will be mindful of your decisions and see how they connect with your core desires. You will get to know the real you behind the scenes. You will react better and in a healthier manner.

2. Take your worst habit and replace it with its best opposite.

Take your worst habit, the one that drains most of your energy, gives almost nothing in return and prevents you from being the real you, and replace it with its opposite. Let’s say the habit you want to replace is procrastination. Replace it with action taking. So, for example, if you want to do something and procrastination kicks in telling you to do it later, or tomorrow, do it in the next minute. At least take the first small steps. Whatever habit you find as the worst, find its counter opposite and replace it with it.

3. List the 5 things that recharge you the most and do any of them daily.

Take a piece of paper and list all the things that recharge your batteries. List everything that fills your heart and recharges your energy. Sort out the best 5 things and start doing at least one of them every day for a whole month. Recharge your energy.