A Closer Look At How Human Consciousness Might Create Reality


Consciousness is a profound topic that excites anyone who dares to ponder. It can be seen as elusive, undefined, and an grand illusion generated by the brain.

As an experience, consciousness is abstract and subjective, which makes it open to interpretation and change, and largely dependent on the observer.

In relation to the creation of reality, consciousness plays a big part. This means the physical world and the non physical are in a close relation.

There is a mysterious link between the visible particles we can observe to the invisible world of consciousness. Some speculate it’s consciousness that creates reality.

From the point of view that the consciousness creates reality, here is how the experts in this field share their thoughts about this theory.

How Consciousness Might Create Reality:how-consciousness-create-reality

The Collective Unconscious

Let’s say that what we call consciousness has three different layers.

One layer is what most people address as consciousness, the operating system you use to think, the system you are aware of.

Another layer is the subconscious mind, the part you are unaware of and runs most of your conscious decisions making you believe it’s you who creates them.

The third layer is the unconscious mind, the part your subconscious mind streams from and connects your consciousness with. The unconscious mind can be reached solely through hypnosis or state similar to dreaming. All three parts are your Consciousness.

However, this part is connected to something psychologists refer to as The Collective Unconscious, the network running in the background of humanity’s collective consciousness and the network that’s responsible for most of humanity’s decisions. This Collective Unconscious is what creates and shapes our world.

The famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung coined the term ‘collective unconscious’ that describes how our entire species are connected to a web of symbols, archetypes, and instincts that can’t be seen but once dreamed up by the collective will manifest in the physical.

This collective unconscious, he believed, undergirded our physical reality. Once shared by the mass of humanity, it will influence individuals and the entire species.

The “Malignant Egophrenia”

The author Paul Levy cites the idea of the collective unconscious in his books.

According to Levy wetiko is a Native American term, which means psychic virus or parasite of the mind.

And that the collective unconscious gives rise to what he calls the “malignant egophrenia.”

He described it as the rising levels of ego and mania that stems from the depth of the unconscious and being played out by everyone on the planet.

This means our own individual reality that we created from the unconscious levels contribute to everything physical that we see in the world today.

Conscious Creation

If we’re creating a reality from the unconscious, it’s also possible to create reality from the level of our conscious awareness.

This could mean we have the power to create the kind of reality we want. If it’s from a place free of ego, it will be a reality you create from a level of your conscious awareness.

Everything that we do affects the greater whole, everything is connected to everything else.

When we do things positively, it will inspire others. Doing things from a negative egoistic intention hurts the collective unconscious, as well as you in a way that will make you learn.

Anything that we do in a conscious way as an individual will create ripples in the collective unconscious that will soon inspire others to be more conscious of themselves.

This can empower humanity to rise in conscious creation as a collective and heal the mind virus within humanity’s unconsciousness. That’s how we’ll create a better world.