10 Steps How To Find Yourself When You Feel Lost


We all get lost in our lives, it’s a part of our growth. However, not many people know the blessing getting lost can be for them.

They don’t know how to find themselves so they start pretending. They start to play a role in life, a fake version of themselves.

This fake role they play sucks the life out of them while slowly putting them into the prison of functioning depression. Don’t fake being found, use being lost to truly find yourself.

You need to let go of the truths that were imposed on you before you’re able to find your own truth and vibrate from that place.

Letting go of the blocks that prevent you from vibrating out of your core involves facing your own pains, fears, and shadows.

This is the door that opens the room of opportunities, of gaining strength and becoming more of who you truly are. Follow the 10 steps to open this door.

10 Steps How To Find Yourself:how-to-find-yourself-when-you-feel-lost

1. Self reflect.

Be aware of yourself when you’re around others, or the way you feel in a particular situation. Look within you and be aware of each emotion that arises. See if the emotions come from within you, from your surroundings, or from your past conditioning. Look for the triggers. See if you can find your pain body.

2. Find the core of your Being.

Your core is the place where you feel the greatest power. Use your breath to find it. Take deep breathes until you will feel the fire within. Another way you can find your core is by remembering when you felt most powerful. Try to embody that emotion and see where it comes from.

3. Do the activities that make you the happiest.

Do the things that make you feel joyful. Explore everything that lightens your spirit, like having a warm bath, playing games, reading a good book, or taking a time out for yourself. Do anything that inspires you and nourishes your soul.

4. Express your own truth.

Do and say what feels right for you without obsessing how others may understand it. Challenge yourself by expressing your own truth without seeking validity or approval from other people. What matters is you express yourself and honor your boundaries.

5. Get creative.

Do things that unleash your creativity. Try dancing, singing, painting, gardening, or photography. Stir your soul and let your creative genius run wild.

6. Spend time in silence.

Silence is where your heart speaks the loudest. And your heart holds your greatest truth. Practice meditation or go for a walk in nature.

7. Withdraw from the company of others.

Being alone is the best way to find yourself. Set aside some time to be alone and get comfortable in your own company. This allows you to dig deeper into your core.

8. Accept everything that comes your way.

Let go of any resistance. Fully embrace whatever is happening. Surrender to the flow of The Universe without trying to control things. See where it leads you. In all probability, the flow will lead you to a deeper connection with your inner being.

9. Be aware of synchronicities.

Synchronicities are how The Universe is telling you that you’re on the right path being guided and supported. Watch out when they arise and notice what you feel. Trust your intuition and have faith that The Universe supports your truth.

10. Practice gratitude.

Be always grateful for everything that you have. Gratitude expands your appreciation of the world and yourself.

When you implement all these things, when you reflect on yourself and your core, when you express your truth, do the things that you love and experiment in a creative way, when you let go of resistance and have faith in The Universe with a grateful heart, you will find yourself.