This June Rant From The Heart: The Last Couple Of Reps Give Highest Rewards


There comes a moment, no matter what you do, when you feel tired and kind of satisfied with what you’ve done so far, and you just want to quit.

You don’t want to follow through with the plan and the steps to reach your goal. Your mind creates excuses and false satisfaction that it’s ok to just give up now, to lower your goal.june-rant-from-the-heart

You have already exceeded your expectations, at least that’s what you mind says to make your ego feel good.

You have already seen results with the first couple of steps you took, so your mind just wants you to stop following through. To lower your goal and finish.

Do not trust your mind!

As soon as you give up, and get back to your comfort zone, you will scream with all your soul’s passion of why you quitted.

You see, your mind doesn’t understand that. If you are cold, or scared, or you put yourself in a routine that makes you push your limits, all it wants is to get you back into that comfort zone full with the illusion of certainty where you are safe.

Your mind doesn’t care for your passion, for your will and meaning, it just wants you safe.

And it will create brilliant excuses and reasons of why you should trust it.

It will exaggerate your fears, it will highlight the negatives, it will underestimate all your reasons to keep pushing your limits just so you will return into your comfort zone.

And once you are there, it will leave you alone, and you’ll be alone with your regrets.

So follow through!

And as you keep doing those last reps, your mind will scream louder and louder.

Countless voices will fight to convince you to stop, to quit, to not finish through to get to your goal.

Smile at them, and keep going until you reach your goal!

You won’t believe the satisfaction when you follow through.

And another thing.

Most results and rewards come from those last reps, in whatever you do!

If you workout, the most results will come from those last reps of those last sets when you keep pushing even though your muscles are in pain. It’s like that with everything.

If you work on some project, the highest results will come from that one extra hour you spend working even though you worked the whole week.

Pushing that one extra step is always the most rewarding!

And what’s the point of your goal in the first place?

You did not make it so you will be satisfied, you made it so you will get the results. And those results will lead you to another goal.

And the whole plan will lead you somewhere you wanted to be.

It’s not about how you feel, it’s not about whether you are safe, that’s what your mind doesn’t understand. It’s about something beyond that.

It’s about something that means quite a big deal to you. Something that gives you reason for being alive. Something that your heart rages for.

So why do you care where you are now, what you’ve done and how much you still have to do.

You have a plan, you have a goal, reach it!

No matter how you feel, follow through! No matter what your mind screams, follow through!

Think about why you do what you do, and keep going.

It’s not about the goal, it’s about the results!

Do not satisfy with good, aim for excellence!