10 Ways Solitude Can Unlock Your True Personal Power


In this modern world and age, solitude is an art that starts to lose its meaning as people often confuse solitude with loneliness. But we can still get lonely even if we’re surrounded by a multitude of people and we can still be happy even if we’re all by ourselves.

If our purpose for staying connected with others is to avoid getting lonely, then we’ll surely feel isolated if we are left alone. There’s a distinct difference between being alone and being lonely.

We strive to stay connected with others even if deep inside we feel isolated and lonely. All because the thought of being alone scares us.

What we fail to realize is that we are more alone if we can’t practice solitude. If you have resistance against it, you have resistance against connecting fully with yourself.

Things will only work against us if we don’t know how to embrace the art of being alone, because to be truly connected with others you need to be fully connected with yourself.

If we embrace solitude in all its glory, we can become personally empowered, which is the basis for stronger and healthier relationships.

We won’t cling to people to provide us with happiness because we have strengthened ourselves through solitude. We will find our true personal power. Here are the subtle ways how the art of solitude helps you discover your true personal power.

10 Ways Solitude Unlocks Your Power:solitude-unlock-personal-power

1. Encourages you for self introspection.

Being alone gives you the opportunity to listen to your own voice, choices, and preferences.

It’s only when you’re alone by yourself that you’re able to articulate your own values where your decisions are based.

Outside forces can’t influence you when your inner compass is strong and clear.

2. Boosts your creativity.

Remarkable artists produced their masterpieces in solitude.

The great books we read, great movies we watch, and great songs we sing are all products of creative minds who fully used solitude for their creative pursuits.

You don’t have to be a great artist, but you can begin to be one when you allow yourself to embrace solitude. As Nikola Tesla said, it’s in being alone that ideas are born.

3. Makes you take responsibility for your decisions.

When you’re alone, no one can dictate what should or what you shouldn’t do. You’re all by yourself to do anything you want.

You can explore the depths of yourself and discover the things you never knew you have the capacity to do. It’s much easier to stretch yourself to learn and grow and even take risks when there are no outside interruptions.

When you take the responsibility to make your own decisions it is then when you become worthy of your own personal power.

4. Helps you set priorities.

In this busy world, you can get lost in managing your time. Your life may become mechanical that you only respond to situations without having the time to plan and get the best results. You are living as a spinning record, almost autonomously.

You may become productive in the physical sense but in the long term this way of living can sabotage the quality of your life.

You actually need solitude to set your priorities, get hold of what matters, and manage your time according to the kind of life you designed for yourself.

5. Develops your mental strength.

Being alone forces you to think. Thinking is like a muscle and the more you do it the better and stronger the muscle gets.

Becoming mentally strong means you develop the capacity to juggle with ideas and thoughts, evaluate them and decide what resonates with truth for you.

When you are alone with yourself you are training your mental aspect. Developing mental strength allows you to make effective decisions.

6. Aids in emotional growth.

When you spend your solitude, you’ll get in touch with your inner self, your thoughts, and emotions.

When you understand yourself and your emotions you are becoming more mature.

You will grow emotionally and become more compassionate and empathetic with yourself and others.

7. Intensifies focus and improves productivity.

According to research, spending regular time in meditation not only calms your mind but also enhances your focus.

Being in solitude is a type of meditation in a way. It gives you similar benefits because you are away from distractions and things that steal your attention.

An improved focus helps you solve problems in an effective way, thereby increasing your productivity and personal power.

8. Connects you to a higher power.

It’s in solitude where you can connect to your higher power.

Though you can feel the strength in the company of others, you can only become more powerful when you are alone.

You don’t depend on anyone, you’re connected to your higher power or Source. When you sense this inner connectedness with higher intelligence you will glimpse your own power.

9. Forces you to reconnect with yourself.

When we say solitude we mean being with yourself and your wounds. If you are alone and away from distractions you are forced to be with yourself. And that’s what most people are afraid of. It slaps them with all the inner turmoil they’ve been trying to run away from.

But once you experience this scary tornado of emotions you will see beyond them, you will see a part of yourself you’ve been neglecting for so long.

That’s where your true power lies. And once you find it, you won’t run away from anything.

10. Gives you clarity and perspective.

Being with your self and your own thoughts calms the insignificant chatter inside your mind. Once your monkey mind calms down you will start to recognize your own thoughts.

Most of the time we are clouded with thoughts and ideas of other people, of fear and media. But once you are alone with yourself these thoughts will fade away and your own thoughts will remain. You will get mental clarity to hear your own self.

You’ll realize your own intellect and it will give you a glimpse of your potential.

When you have provided time for solitude and used it fully, others will feel your physical presence that speaks how personally powerful you are.