7 Simple Steps To Become More Loving And Deepen Your Connection To Life


As humans, we all have needs that must be met at all levels.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has 6 levels, physiological, safety, love or belonging, esteem, self actualization and self transcendence.

While we aim to fulfill each of these needs, our need for love and connection is often overlooked. We often ignore the feelings and needs of others to fulfill our own.

Yet, we only achieve true connection when we see and acknowledge the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others.

Considering other people’s emotions is the key of building harmonious and loving relationships with others and with ourselves. That’s how we connect with our true essence.

Love represents our true essence because our need for love is a primal need that is as essential as food and water. To be more loving and more connected to life, we need to fulfill our heart’s basic need. Here are the simple steps to do it!

How To Become More Loving In 7 Simple Steps:steps-to-become-more-loving

1. Give and receive hugs.

Hugging gives a natural kind of “high” to people. A hugging therapy is said to be a powerful means of healing.

Deep hugs build trust and a sense of safety while longer hugs elevate mood. There are countless benefits a hug can provide you with.

Make it a habit to hug someone at least 10 times a day. Hugs not only feel good but make the other person happy too.

2. Recall a loving experience.

Feeling down is unavoidable. In times such as this, recall a loving experience and place your hands on your heart area.

Allow your body to recreate the experience and feel it as if it’s real and is happening in the present moment.

Think of the time when you feel loved and appreciated. Practice this daily.

3. Try the Ho’oponopono meditation.

This type of Hawaiian meditation involves healing yourself while healing others through clearing out your heart of any blocks that may have prevented you from deeply connecting with yourself and others.

This method requires only 4 simple steps that focus on repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. You only need to repeat these four powerful phrases:

I’m sorry. If you have any issues within, tell yourself I’m sorry. By saying these two words, you’re telling yourself that you’re consciously aware of your issues and feel remorse for allowing it to happen.

Please forgive me. Regardless of who you’re asking it from, just repeat the words over and over. Have the pure intention of being totally forgiven by yourself and others.

Thank you. Thank yourself for everything about you. Thank your body, God, The Universe.

I love you. Say it to yourself, to nature, to God, to your challenges, and to everything you want to. You need to mean and feel the words as you keep repeating them.

Practice this meditation at least once a week.

4. Practice gratitude.

List down in your journal at least 10 things you’re grateful for during the day.

Starting your day with gratitude opens your heart and encourages more love to come to you.

Include this practice in your daily routine to improve your relationships, including the romantic ones.

5. Look into the eyes of the other person.

Looking into the eyes of the person you’re talking to makes them feel valued and loved.

It’s a non verbal way of telling them they’re genuinely seen and understood.

It’s also a way of establishing a deeper connection with them.

6. Give time to the people who matter to you.

Time is precious, and spending it with your loved ones is a great emotional investment.

Don’t be fooled into believing that it’s okay to spend lesser time with them because you’re busy earning a living for them. Providing your loved ones with material things couldn’t compensate the amount of time you should have given them.

Time lost can never be regained back. And there’s no other way you can express how much you love them than by being there for them physically.

7. Do something that your heart wants.

We are constantly silencing our heart’s desires because they seem so illogical and childish to our mind.

But your heart speaks directly from your soul and ignoring its desires is ignoring your true self. If you want to become more loving and be more connected with yourself and others you need to start listening to what your heart has to say once in a while.

Do one thing that your heart wants you to do daily.

There are so many ways you can be more loving and more connected to yourself and to life. Experiment with your own ideas, try different things, do what feels right and good to your heart and your soul.