7 Steps To Deal With A Major Life Change In A Healthy Way


In life change is inevitable.

Everything changes all the time and that’s the constant of The Universe.

Sometimes we resist change because we don’t know where things are going, we feel powerless and without control.

Sometimes, we are the ones who need to make the decision to make a major change in our life so we can get out of the rut we are in.

Whatever the case, we all face major changes in our lives sooner or later. And most of us are stressed out of their minds when it happens.

This is not just unhealthy but can stress you to make bad choices and even fall into depression.

An illness is imminent, especially when the person is unable to process their life’s transition more positively.

If you’re going through a major life change, or if you’re planning to have one soon, take a look at these tips and apply them to make the transition much healthier and less stressful.

7 Steps To Deal With A Major Life Change:steps-to-deal-with-major-life-change-healthy

1. Give yourself what your heart desires.

Self love is very important in your life’s transition. You need to support yourself in this endeavor like a kind, gentle, caring, supporting and a loving friend would.

In order to show yourself that you are not turning your back on yourself, practice habits that nurture your heart.

Whatever you need to cater your heart, do it.

It can be a day for yourself at the spa, a massage, a day off at home only watching movies in your PJs or eating junk food, whatever it takes, give it to yourself.

Imagine how you would support your loved one if they undergo the same major life change, then do the same to yourself.

2. Provide a safe place for your inner child.

Your inner child is hidden in your subconscious and is easily affected during life transitions because of what they went through during the formative years.

From the womb through the age of 7, our subconscious foundation is formed. If we had rough formative years, this will interfere later in our life.

But if your formative years had been healthy, this shouldn’t be your problem. Your inner child feels safe regardless.

If it’s not, helping your inner child to feel safe is a must, especially when a major change is happening.

You can use your childhood photos to talk to your child self and tell yourself you’re there for them and it’s okay. Tell them they’re precious, safe and unconditionally loved.

3. Connect with your Higher Self.

When you connect with your Higher Self, you must take into account that it speaks to you in unusual ways. They are often illogical and come out of nowhere.

Your Higher Self gives you hunches and clues leading you to see the bigger picture and realize the greater meaning behind the changes and how they are greatly transformative.

Listen attentively to what your Higher Self trying to tell you. Connecting with its higher vibration will give you the wisdom and guidance that you need.

4. Visualize the positive outcomes.

Try to see all the positive outcomes that come with the major change your are experiencing right now.

Visualization is like a muscle that gets better with each practice. By practicing it you will develop new patterns of thinking moving away from the old paradigm.

It might be hard at first, but when your perspective shifts you’ll see the change in a much different light.

You may never know what’s ahead but at least, you’re preparing yourself for something positive to take place.

5. Have faith.

Whatever you believe in, God or The Universe or maybe multiple Gods, have faith that this change is not against you.

Have faith that you are unconditionally loved and guided.

Even though there are things outside of your control, have faith that these things are working in your favor, or at least not against you.

Having faith in something bigger than yourself allows you to have the courage to be open to all the positive possibilities in life.

It’s only when you have faith and let go of everything you can’t control that you’re able to step forward, take control of what you can control, and welcome life as it is.

6. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

Do not underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting and supportive people.

Creating such environment in time when major change is taking place in your life is an immense help.

And if you cannot find such individuals, connect with people who love you, close friends, partners.

Whoever you surround yourself with, remember that it’s better to be alone than with negative people who make you see the ugly details all around you.

You can always use social media to seek groups of supporting individuals and uplifting articles and videos.

7. Eat healthier diet.

Even though you might crave junk food, and it’s ok to give yourself a cheat day to fill your heart, slowly establishing a healthier diet can be of great help.

You will feel happier and you’ll be in a better mood because of the healthy diet.

You will have more energy and a more positive outlook.

Negative emotions will decrease and the feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment will accompany you throughout the day.

All of this is a great benefit in times of major change because it makes you tackle the change in a healthier way. Also, you feel healthy and positive.

Doing all of the above tips will not only help you to have a less stressful major life change but will also make you healthier as you enter into an unknown territory.