16 Questions That Will Make You Realize What Really Matters Most In Your Life


Taking a time out from the busy lifestyle isn’t enough to bring our sanity back. We need to re connect to our deeper self, to who we are, and to what really matters in our life.

While there are available tools that can guide us in going back to our truth, we still hold the key to finding our life’s meaning. Nobody can show this but ourselves.

Only we know our own truth and it’s deep inside our souls. In order to become conscious of it you need to speak with yourself.

This can only be done by being clear and deeply honest with ourselves.

The following questions will guide you along the way!

16 Questions That Will Make You Realize What Matters Most:questions-that-will-make-you-realize-what-matters-most

1. What are you feeling at this moment?

If you are to describe your emotions in three words, what are they? Write down what comes to mind. There is no right or wrong answer here.

2. Are you facing any specific challenge at the moment?

Each of us faces a different challenge every day. Define what’s yours. Recall the best thing that happened in your life as well as the worst.

3. What would you want to change in your life?

If there’s something in your life that you wish to change because it doesn’t make you feel happy, articulate it. And if you could change it, would you do it?

4. What’s the one thing you have the power to improve today?

Self improvement is not a one time project. It’s an ongoing endeavor that lasts even a lifetime. Be clear with the kind of improvement you want to see in your life. And if you can implement it today, what would be the first steps?

5. What makes you feel proud of yourself?

We all have flaws, but we all have unique gifts too, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. These are the things that you love about yourself.

6. What did you learn from the previous month?

Recall the events of the previous month that were significant to you, especially the ones where you’ve learned the most. Enumerate the lessons it brought you.

7. What are you focusing on this month?

You may have monthly goals in different aspects of your life, but all of these follow a common theme. For example, your desire to be more loving can be reflected in all areas.

8. What triggers your positive or negative energy?

Every person, place, or situation can provide you with either a positive or negative vibration. Articulate what each of these brings in your life, then find ways to increase your positive vibration and decrease the negative ones.

9. Is there something you want your younger self to know?

If you were to speak to your younger self, what would you tell yourself?

10. Is there one thing you would want to try right now?

There are things we don’t want to do because we’re scared of doing it. But if there’s one thing that you are capable of doing today, what is it? Are you willing to do it?

11. Is there something you want to get off your chest?

We allow certain thoughts and emotions to linger inside us because we’re not yet ready to face them or spill them out. But if there’s an emotion that’s keeping your chest heavy and you’re able to unload it, what is it?

12. When was the last time you felt truly alive?

Can you still recall the time when you’re truly happy and feel so alive, when your inner critique just went silent for a while?

13. Who matters the most to you?

Is there one person in your life who matters that much that even the thought of losing them makes your life unbearable? Who is this person and have you told them how much they mean to you?

14. What are the things that you’re grateful for in your life?

Look at all the people and things in your life and enumerate those that you are most grateful for.

15. What is the one thing that you’re most afraid of?

All of us have fears. But the thing you are most afraid of has a bigger grip on your life than all the other fears. State the one thing that you’re most afraid of, even if it feels absurd. Why does it scare you more than all the other things you are afraid of? What does it mean?

16. What are the top 3 loving things that you can do for yourself?

In a world full of many discontented people, a practice of self care is a must. What would be your top 3 things you can do for yourself to make you feel loved and cared for?

When you have the answers to all these 16 questions you realize what matters most for you. You will get into perspective what’s the most important thing for you right now, what has most meaning and what should be your priority.