Astrology And Cosmic Update For June 2018: Here is What June is Bringing for Each Person


If the last couple of months were all about taking that first step, that leap of action and faith, this month is all about keeping consistency, moving forward and taking the steps that follow that first one you were so afraid of taking for so long.

You might feel vulnerable, tired and confused, filled with self doubt at times, but you will also feel excited, alive and inspired to live your own truth. Don’t be surprised if you go from feeling empowered and then suddenly vulnerable. This is normal as power and vulnerability are closely connected and they play a big role this month.

It means that as you feel vulnerable walking forward into the unknown that comes with taking that first step, you will discover real power that comes from your will to keep going forward, despite your feelings of vulnerability.

It means you acknowledge your mistakes but keep improving yourself. It means you realize you don’t know everything, but it doesn’t stop you from learning. It means you see reality as it is, but you keep your goals visible as well.

So, be mindful of that dance between power and vulnerability and be aware that there is a fragility and heightened sensitivity at this time.

Here Is What Astrologists Say June Has In Store For Each Person:what-june-2018-is-bringing-for-each-person

For the first week of June we are still going to be feeling the Sagittarius Full Moon. This Full Moon is going to be guiding us to think bigger and to start focusing on what we need to upgrade in our lives.

Communication is also going to be a theme, especially during the first half of the month, and we may feel guided to really express our true feelings and ideas, or start a creative project of some kind. This energy will be further amplified by the Gemini New Moon on the 13th.

The Solstice then follows on June 21st, signaling the official start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

This shift in seasons is going to help guide us as to where our energy needs to be. For those starting summer it is a time to really relax, unwind and enjoy the extended daylight hours, and for those starting winter it is a time to rest, relax and to conserve energy.

Following the Solstice, the most significant event of the month occurs on June 26th with Mars going retrograde until the end of August.

As the planet of action and energy, when Mars goes retrograde we really feel guided to slow down and to think before acting. We may also feel a bit more sluggish than usual, but this is just a reminder that we need to rest and reflect before moving forward.

During this retrograde period, we may have to go back over things and assess how our actions have been serving us or not. We may also feel guided to change how we have been acting or our approach to things.

By the end of June, we will have a total of 5 planets in retrograde, including Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Mars, making the energy in the cosmos very slow and deliberate.

This slow retrograde energy is going to continue until August, and at one point we will have a total of six planets in retrograde.

So much retrograde energy can feel intense, and we may be encouraged to focus or look on one particular area of our lives with great detail.

So, see this month as a period when you rediscover your personal worth and power through vulnerability and humbleness while taking action and letting that action help you in working on yourself.