10 Warning Signs The Universe Gives You When You’re Out Of Alignment


Humans are not sent into this world to merely exist. We’re here for a reason.

The Universe gives us the things that are in consonance to our own vibration. When we vibrate at lower frequencies, some signs are bound to show up to realign us with our truth.

If we’re more intuitive, we will know the patterns that result from our choices and decisions.

If we’re not too aware, we will see every challenge that comes up as coincidence, forgetting that there is a higher power behind all the events in our lives.

Because we live in a world that is much denser than our souls, keeping our vibration in a higher frequency poses a challenge that we fail to maintain at times.

As a result, we fall out of alignment. We can only recalibrate to our own truth if we become aware and The Universe gives us signs every time we’re out of alignment so we can realize.

10 Warning Signs The Universe Gives When Out Of Alignment:signs-youre-out-of-alignment

1. When you stub your toe.

2. When you’re always stuck in traffic.

3. When others are unusually mean to you.

4. When you injure yourself no matter how you try to watch out for yourself.

5. When unexpected expenses rise up or you receive bills you did not expect.

6. When arguments break up between you and your loved one, friend, or colleague.

7. When you get sick despite being health conscious.

8. When you get frequent headaches.

9. When you lose your keys, wallet, and other possessions or when you break your things.

10. When you hear unpleasant sounds, smell unpleasant odors, or eat foods that are unpleasant to the taste.

Whenever you receive a couple of these signs, don’t get obsessed by thinking too much about them. Just try to calm down and remind yourself of your truth.

Instead of seeing these as obstacles, thank The Universe for giving you the guidance, then do the necessary changes that need to be done to realign with your purpose.