10 Things Only Powerful Women Who Rise Above The Rest Do


Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. But not every woman is powerful enough to shine above the rest.

It takes a lot of inner work and true grit to be a woman of character and composure.

Only a powerful woman knows how to remain graceful amidst the challenges of life. She’s the one who brings it on and inspires others to do better.

You rarely encounter her because she’s seldom to find. But once you do, you’ll be drawn by the power she emits as if she owns the place.

She knows how to pursue her dreams in her own unique way without caring one iota to what others think. If you want to know her, she does most of the things below.

Or if you feel you have a spark that makes everyone glance your way, then you’re a powerful woman who displays the following deeds.

If You Are A Powerful Woman You Do These 10 Things:things-only-powerful-women-do

1. You’re not attention seeking.

You don’t care whether others notice you or not. You know you exist to be and not to fight for people’s attention.

You’re more focused on your journey that you have no time evaluating whether or not people see you. You have no time for any drama in life, that’s why attention does not mean a thing to you.

2. You bring out the best in others.

You’re a source of inspiration wherever you go. If someone is down, you empathize with them and provide them a space to breathe. You know the right kind of words to say at the right time.

Even if you don’t utter a word, your presence cheers up your downtrodden friend. And you have a way of making them feel their best self despite the troubles they’re facing at the moment.

3. You respect yourself and others.

You know that respect is earned and can’t be demanded. By showing others how much you respect yourself, you earn their respect and trust.

You do this by doing the things that don’t contradict your values and principles and by not tolerating idle people.

4. You show your vulnerable side only to people whom you trust.

Though there’s nothing wrong with showing your vulnerable side, you only do this to your trusted friends.

You’re not faking it with others, you’re just careful not to be used by people who may take your vulnerability as an opportunity to get what they want from you. And you know quite well that not everyone earns your trust.

5. You easily forgive others.

You’re the person who doesn’t count mistakes. Instead, you’re a visionary who sees the potential in people.

Forgiving others is easier for you to do because you know, like you, they’re imperfect human beings who have their own share of flaws.

However, when someone hurts you more often and too badly, you cut off your connection with them to protect yourself from further injury.

6. You’re open and honest.

Because your evolution matters to you, you don’t live your life in lies. You’re open and don’t hide anything from anybody. You thrive on the motto, ‘what you see is what you get’.

You always speak your truth. And when it’s necessary to call someone’s attention over something, you’re able to do it in a proper way.

7. You know yourself inside out.

Soul searching has led you to know every aspect of yourself. You know who you are and who you aren’t.

For this, you follow the path you know is designed for you even if others want to steer you away from it.

8. You remain graceful in the face of conflicts.

You’re not a cry baby who throws up tantrums whenever someone provokes you. Instead, you remain composed and graceful while pulling things through.

You’re able to contain the emotions welling up inside and only release them whenever you’re alone. It’s a skill you’ve mastered.

9. You don’t see any point in revenge.

People may hurt you in any way, but you don’t pull the trigger of revenge. For you, it isn’t necessary because you know life is full of wonderful things.

You don’t see any point of living it just to hurt someone in return or making people see that you’re not the total jerk they believe you to be. You know yourself too well you don’t need to use the lifetime of others just to prove who you are.

10. You don’t care what others think about you.

You’re very much aware of your strengths and weaknesses. When people point at your mistakes, you take it and learn from them.

But when people criticize you for failing to come up to their expectations, you don’t care at all. You know your life is for you to live and not for others to evaluate and approve.

Being a woman of admirable strength and power is achievable. Every woman can become one by starting to practice the skills above.