5 Things You Can Do To Instantly Feel Better And Have More Energy


Despite your best efforts, there are days when you feel that life is not a journey of infinite bliss.

Improving yourself is not a one time effort where you do the one thing that you feel can make you feel whole and good enough.

The more you achieve the things that others considered can make you feel better, the more you feel the emptiness inside, until you reach the point of asking yourself whether there’s something wrong with you or with the world around you.

Visualizations, affirmations, and manifestations may work for a while. But in times when they don’t seem to help, never freak. Your mind is just wired to protect yourself from what seems to be an imminent threat.

Society keeps bombarding you with messages like you’re not doing enough and you’re not good enough. But you are enough. Here are some things you can do when societal victim mentality makes you feel as not enough to instantly feel better and with more energy.

5 Things You Can Do To Instantly Feel Better And Energized:things-you-can-do-to-instantly-feel-better-more-energy

1. List 3 things you are grateful for.

Accept your lot at the moment and be grateful regardless of what situation you are in. Take the necessary changes in your life when you’re ready. But for the time being, be grateful.

Despite feeling stuck, the sunshine still warms your face and your bed still makes you feel comfortable. Give thanks for these little things.

As you open your heart, you slowly raise your vibration. With a raised vibration, the visions you have of yourself will slowly unfold and incorporate into your current reality.

2. Let go of expectations.

Sure, you’ve been taught or trained to visualize yourself achieving your goals and plans. A lot of people can attest that this technique truly works.

However, you’re not supposed to attach yourself to your desired outcome. Meaning, you can have a clear vision of the things you want to achieve but you have to learn to let them go.

This is not saying to lose your faith, but this is saying that you put your trust in The Universe to make everything come to pass the way things are designed in relation to your plans and goals.

When the outcomes are not in your favor, you need to be okay with it because you’re still whole and absolutely perfect as you are.

Yet, most often, when you let go of your attachment to the desired outcome, they’re more likely to happen the way you expect them to.

3. Come from a place of abundance.

If you believe that The Universe operates on vibrations, then you need to be aware of where your vibrations come from. This is very crucial in your manifestation efforts.

Operating from a place of lack will eventually lead you to a state of lack. If you feel you don’t have the things you want or don’t feel good enough, you simply can’t have the abundance or wholeness you’re seeking.

It’s just how it works and how gratitude plays a vital role. By acknowledging with all your heart the things you currently have, you’re working in a way that matches the waves.

Do the things that make you more joyful and start counting your blessings to attract more joy and abundance.

4. Meditate to calm your mind and become present.

Meditation helps you raise your vibration through calming your mind.

Because you live in a world that never stops telling you how incomplete or not good enough you are, there’s a tendency that you may believe every word it tells you. This causes worry and makes you dwell on self defeating thoughts.

But when you silence your mind, even 5 to 10 minutes a day, your rewiring your brain to let go of these worries and detrimental thoughts. The quieter your mind, the higher you vibrate.

5. Keep it light hearted.

Keep things light because life is supposed to be fun and exciting. It’s not designed to be hard or difficult, though it’s how it may appear to most.

The fear of running out of money, failing, or rejection may still be lurking around but you can’t do anything about it. As long as you’re doing your thing the best way that you can, The Universe won’t leave you.

Even if the worst could happen, you’re still able to emerge through it all whole and complete because that is what you actually are.