If You Just Let Go Of These 3 Limiting Beliefs The Vibration Of Your Energy Will Raise


We all have a couple of beliefs that prevent us from using our full potential.

Your parents, the school, your friends, society and media might have fed you a set of beliefs that are far different from what you need to be your best self as an adult.

That’s why you need to question your reality and your beliefs. You need to find the beliefs that are not helping you and replace them with once that help you be your best self.

One way to do this is to do something nobody teaches. You need to unlearn what you’ve learned. After you customize your belief system to help you, you will unlock the real potential and the vibration of your energy will raise.

Here are the 3 beliefs that are limiting your potential and prevent you from being your best self.

Let Go Of These 3 Limiting Beliefs To Raise Your Energy:if-you-just-let-go-of-these-3-limiting-beliefs-vibration-will-raise

1. Holding on to guilt after you have done something wrong.

All of us commit mistakes that are, sometimes, harmful to ourselves and others. The act may slip from our best intentions but we that’s not an excuse.

However, no matter how guilt ridden we are, it will not help us patch up the broken relationships or erase any painful memory we have created.

Dealing with the feeling of guilt is not meant to make us more miserable. It’s there to make us realize that we have done something against our moral.

With this in mind we should try to take action if there is something we can do to fix the wrong itself, but if we can’t, than the feeling of guilt is just there to let us know we should learn better. It’s not there to torment us, that’s not how we improve.

We often believe that if we do something wrong we should be punished. But we forget about the fact that we should be also improved. If this is your struggle, you have to let go of this core belief that you should be perfect.

No. You are a work in progress as all of us, and sometimes we make mistakes. But we learn and we get better, and guilt is our personal guide that let’s us know where we should improve to become better humans. It’s an alert that prevents us from hurting each other.

Holding onto guilt feelings can’t help you in any way. You have done wrong, yes. But if you don’t fix it or learn to do better, than what’s the point?

Once you have asked forgiveness for what you’ve done, move on from there and strive not to do the same mistake again. See it as a part of your growth because that’s exactly what it is.

Allowing yourself to feel forgiven not only heals you but also transforms you into someone courageous enough to accept your wrongdoings.

2. Seeing yourself as a product limited of your environment.

As you grow up, you may have viewed yourself the way people around viewed you. You may even have certain attachments to the place where you grew up and to your environment in general.

Now that you’re a grown up, have you taken the time to stop and ask yourself, who would you have been if you grew up in a different family, environment, and culture?

The answer may surprise you because you may find yourself to be another person with a different worldview. And this is exactly the truth about you.

You are someone other than what people believe you to be. You have the ability to re create yourself if you want to. You can be whoever you want to be.

You are not a slave to your environment, you choose your environment. You choose your friends, the habits and the culture that you want to construct your lifestyle with.

You are free to choose who you are because you are a divine being whose truth is not dependent on your external circumstances.

You are not a definite identity, you are a being in a process of constant becoming, and you can always change and choose a direction.

3. You see obstacles as things that hold you back.

Obstacles are not there to stop you because they don’t care about you. Obstacles are just things that you have a problem with. So change your relationship with them.

See them as helping signals that tell you either to choose a better way or that tell you to improve.

Life draws out your inner strength by giving you experiences that can transform you.

Transformative experiences can be painful, but once you’ll overcome them, you’ll begin to see how it’ll shape you into the person you’re meant to be.

When you see the bigger picture, you’ll realize you are the creator of your life and not the victim of it. It’s all a matter of choice.

As long as you’re mindful of these things, you will not lose your way. And if you manage to get rid of these 3 beliefs you will raise the default vibration of your energy.