If You Do These 7 Things Negative Energy Won’t Harm You


Negative energy is something we don’t want to vibrate and don’t want to receive from other people.

But, the days of advancement carry with it a negativity that can drain us without our awareness. The media, most especially, spread more of the negative news than it does with the good ones.

And even if you know how to sift the good from the not so good stuff, your loved ones may not. They may be affected by the negativity they pick up somewhere and bring that negativity home.

Or, when you’re at work, some of your workmates may have these negative vibes and infect the workplace with it. Failing to detect the infection may change your mood from positive to negative, which may drain your whole body and lower your energy levels.

Thus, it’s important that you will recognize these negative vibrations so that you can turn your day around and can boost your mood.

7 Steps To Block Negative Energy:do-these-things-negative-energy-wont-harm-you

1. Recognize where the negative energy comes from.

It’s easier for you to beat the negative energy when you clearly know where it comes from. If it comes from someone you know, avoid committing the mistake of trying to make the other person happy.

You might have the good intentions of helping out, but it’s not what the other person needs at the moment.

If this person is going through a tough time, give them the space to process their emotions. Don’t force them to feel positive when they’re not ready to feel it.

Give a listening ear if they need it. But if they don’t, give them respect. Try to be more understanding and tell yourself that it’s not about you.

You can distance yourself from this person to keep your energy levels functioning at its best.

2. In times of trouble, focus more on the solutions.

The idea behind every problem that arises is for us to grow and evolve into our best selves. There are just things we need to learn the hard way.

Whenever you are faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, try not to focus on its size. Instead, look at that problem in the eye and in every angle.

This way, you can get different possible solutions to handle the problem with. Then focus your energy on how you can implement those solutions.

3. Surround yourself with good company.

There are situations when you can’t choose who to surround yourself with, like in the workplace or in public places.

If the situation is favorable, make sure to surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you. They’re the people whose positivity seems not to run out.

Spending your time with awesome, fun and loving people enhances your well being and provides lasting benefits.

4. Be open to any possibilities and let go of expectations.

No matter how much you plan your day or prepare yourself to tackle a specific problem, the outcome may not always be in your favor. But this doesn’t mean, all your days are going to be like this.

Don’t start your day feeling you’re already beaten because if you do, then certainly, you will. Be open to all possibilities that this could be your great day and open enough to accept if it won’t.

When you prep yourself for the good things that are going to happen, you’re able to maintain your high spirits even if they don’t turn out the way you want them to.

5. Be compassionate with yourself.

No one has the greater responsibility to shower yourself with compassion than you. Loving yourself must start with you.

Be gentle with yourself for all the past mistakes you’ve committed. Be always aware that you’re an evolving being and committing a mistake is a part of your existence.

Engage yourself in a positive self talk every day. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you love about you.

One more tip, be your own best friend.

6. Focus on the things that make you feel great.

The negativity around won’t take hold of you if you go out into the world carrying a strong positive vibe. You can do this by listening to a calming music in the morning.

Writing in your journal all the things you’re grateful for and the things that make you feel good also increases your positive vibration.

Before you go to bed at night, do the things that can relax your mind, such as reading a good book or having a warm bath.

The negative energy will slowly fade when you know how to pamper and protect yourself.

7. Change your perspective when you have to.

When something doesn’t feel good, change it. If there is no way you can change it, look for its brighter side.

For example, if you are stuck in a job you don’t like and getting away from it isn’t possible at the moment, then look for the reasons why you need to stick. The situation might not be as awful as how it seems.

Having a different perspective is what you might need at the moment.

Besides, no one or no situation is able to dim your light without your consent. Just keep your light shining so that the negative energy would have a hard time dragging you down.