This May Rant From The Heart: 1000 Philosophies Cannot Even Compare With The Impact Action Can Make


We are all addicts. Not to drugs, or any kind of substance per se, but before everything else we are all addicts to our personal emotional realities.

We would throw away anything if it threatens our fantasy. We are stuck with the struggles we have because we crave thinking not having them.

I know, you probably think that it makes no sense, but that’s how you fool yourself. That’s how we all fool ourselves, by thinking we are more special than the other person.

But we are just stuck, in our own emotional fantasy, and we would fight anything if it tries to free us.may-rant-from-the-heart

That’s why we crave knowledge. That’s why we read philosophies and methods, techniques and all kinds of explanations. We feel like we are doing something, but in reality we are not. We feel like we are going somewhere, but we are not leaving our emotional prison.

It’s a win win, or lose lose situation, depending on how you look at things.

Let me explain!

Let’s say that you study or work with a girl or a boy that you like. You fantasize every day, before you go to sleep, how it would look like when you approach them.

You create imaginary scenarios, even fights and arguments, and you have counter arguments for every possible way the conversation can go.

You might even imagine your first date, or going on a vacation together. You listen to sad romantic songs and you fantasize.

It makes you feel something, it gives you meaning and depth. It really does.

But why don’t you approach them? You have a chance almost every day, right?

You think it’s fear that stops you, and in a way it plays a part in it, but it’s not fear that prevents you from approaching. It’s your love for your emotional reality.

You LOVE TO FANTASIZE! You love it so much that you prefer it over reality.

If you approach them, whatever it happens, you lose your nights when you listen to sad, beautiful, romantic songs, maybe drink wine or watch a romantic movie, and fantasize about the girl or the boy that you like.

If you approach them, even if it turns alright, you lose your emotional reality.

That’s why you don’t take action.

You have fallen in love with fantasizing for freedom while you are in your prison cell. If you get out, you cannot fantasize for freedom anymore.

That’s why we study different philosophies, and learn from different people, and read different books on self help, and watch documentaries, and talk the same conversation with our friends, and attend to seminars, but we do not take action.

Because we fool ourselves that we are doing something while we are safe to keep fantasizing in our own little emotional reality.

But no matter how beautiful you think your fantasy is, IT’S NOT REALITY!

Reality is 1000 times more meaningful and fulfilling than your fantasizing addiction.

It’s where you discover things so beautiful you could have never imagined. It’s what actually makes you grow, and makes you feel alive, and gives you fulfillment.

But in order to escape your emotional prison cell you need to take ACTION.

The moment you approach, the moment you take a step towards what you fantasize about, you will feel so much alive that you will not even care about the outcome.

The thing is, you show yourself that you are free. That’s what makes you feel alive and inspired to grow.

No fantasy about freedom is as beautiful as really being free!

And through action and experience you will learn 1000 times more than reading 1000 books.

You cannot know the full nature of something mentally, it’s just one pillar of your being, but through experience you understand the real nature of something with all your pillars.

So don’t fool yourself that you are not addicted, we all are.

Do not fool yourself that you take action, you would not read this article if you did.

And do not let your mind give you excuses of why you shouldn’t do what you fantasize about, act before it comes up with excuses.

The mind needs approximately 5 seconds to think of a reason why you shouldn’t approach someone you like. So when you get the urge, count from 5 to 1 and just do it.

You don’t need to know all the steps, just start walking towards the person. Have fun not knowing what you’ll say and just say whatever it comes to mind when you get to them.

No matter what the outcome is, you will feel happier than you’ve felt in a long time. You will get the point of this article. You’ll know how important taking action really is.

So count from 5 to 1, and GO!