8 Character Traits That Tell You Are An Omega Male


Alpha malesĀ are the well known breed that is commonly believed to be an epitome of masculinity.

With this idea in mind, alpha males see to it that they stand out in the crowd and get everybody’s attention. They strive to be the strongest, smartest, fastest, and the one who usually leads the pack. This is good to an extent but it’s extremely limiting in extremes.

It takes a different kind of breed of a person to embrace their uniqueness and be comfortable in their own skin without trying to steal the spotlight from others.

This other male type is called the omega male.

Omega males shun confrontation and avoid risks.

They believe they don’t need to compete with other males just to prove they’re the best, yet, they possess certain qualities that make them even more awesome.

8 Character Traits OfĀ Omega Male:character-traits-you-are-omega-male

1. He prefers to be alone.

Omega malesĀ are generally the introverted type. Aside from not wanting to be the center of attention or not being the life of the party, they easily get drained in large crowds.

Being solitary is what fires up his energy thus he has no desire whatsoever of being the darling of the crowd.

2. He is cool in his own way.

Because he is confident in who is, he doesn’t manipulate things for his own benefit. Instead, he just allows things to be as they are.

For the omega male, he doesn’t need to fight for something that doesn’t interest him. While alpha males vie for the strongest spot, omega males contentedly lookĀ on and walk calmly away.

3. He has a softer side.

Omega males have aĀ softer side that makes them more attractive. He is sensitive to others’ needs.

You can expect him to give you a massage whenever he senses that you’re tired or be there to comfort you whenever you get into conflict with your mom.

And he is very much willing to join you in watching your favorite movie though the actors aren’t his favorites.

4. He is kind hearted to others.

Omega males are always there to lend a helping hand. He helps not for the honor he can get but for how it can make him feel. He simply finds pleasure in helping others out.

Omega males are the ones you see helping old people cross the street and the ones making babies smile.

5. He is an empath.

Because they’re not much focused on getting other people’s attention, omega males can be an empath who sees people as they are and are able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Their empathic ability gives them more grip on reality.

6. He prefers meaningful relationships.

Even if omega males don’t have a long list of friends, establishing a friendship or any form of relationship with them is one that you can be thankful for. This is so because they care for all their relationships.

You can engage deep conversations with them and let you see the richness of their inner world. And once they allow you into their world, it only means one thing: they trust you.

7. He wants to work alone.

While most seek out the company of others in their work, the omega males prefer to work alone.

Not that they’re not productive when working with others, but they just feel more empowered when working on their own. Whether it is on a professional or personal level, you can’t expect omega males to be in large groups.

8. He is not busy pumping up his ego.

Most people feel the need to constantly pump up their egos. People regularly brag about their accomplishments to their family, friends, and the world at large.

However, you can’t see these acts from omega males who couldn’t care less about what others think of them.

Even if their accomplishments are something rare, they don’t feel the urge to let the world know even to their friends.

In short, recognition doesn’t matter a thing to them.

In a world where the ultra masculine traits are valued much, the omega males may not even be recognized.

But it doesn’t mean just because someone isn’t in the spotlight, they’re less important or anything less for that matter. It means they are satisfied with who they are.