Psychologists Reveal The 9 Subtle Ways How Real Life Psychopaths Communicate To Better Recognize Them


Psychopaths operate in ways that are far different from normal people.

As shown in their brain scans, they have reduced activity in areas that regulate impulses, emotions, aggression, and morality, the very reasons why they become the person that they are.

Essentially, you have to protect yourself from becoming their target because they can lack the empathy to consider your feelings and can hurt you. Satisfying their selfish needs are what they’re only up to, no matter who they hurt in the process.

You need to arm yourself with the right awareness in dealing with such people.

Based on research, psychopaths communicate in a specific way. There are 9 subtle elements in their communication that can be the signs you should look out for.

The 9 Subtle Ways How Real Life Psychopaths Communicate:subtle-ways-how-psychopaths-communicate

1. They speak in the past tense regularly.

Science can’t explain why but psychopaths regularly speak in the past tense. As we have known, they’re people who are so detached from their behavior and surroundings. This might explain the oddity of their behavior.

2. They use body language that’s convincing.

Lying is a psychopath’s favorite tool. They do it to make themselves look good and as a way of distracting people from their real intentions. Their best tool for lying is their body language. Be careful of hand gestures that highlight certain words or phrases.

3. They don’t feel genuine emotions.

When expressing emotions, they say it out of learned behavior and not out of real genuine emotion. You can see if someone is lying when speaking of their emotions if their words come from their gut area or upper chest and throat area. Expressing real emotions comes with energy from bellow the upper chest area.

4. They use their charm.

Psychopaths will use their charm to manipulate you because they’re skillful at it. However, you can distinguish natural charm from manipulative charm by the way it is used. Natural charm exists just as an aura of a person while manipulative charm has an intent behind it.

5. They speak in a slow and soft manner.

Psychopaths speak in a calculated voice that is rather slow and quiet. They avoid emphasizing emotional words while maintaining a neutral tone all throughout. They do this to gain control and maintain a calm demeanor.

6. They always justify their actions.

Whenever they’re caught committing a crime, they never admit it and feel sorry. They will try to justify their mistakes with the full intent of convincing others that they’ve done it out of a deep necessity. They don’t show even a slight remorse.

7. They don’t understand the importance of spiritual or emotional needs.

According to research, psychopaths who are caught for the crime of murder spend more of their time talking about their financial needs, which prompted them to commit such a grievous act. How their behavior affected others is not their concern. Psychopaths can’t see the importance of spiritual and emotional needs. Instead, they focus on satisfying their basic needs, like food and shelter.

8. They use filler words a lot.

Psychopaths will keep saying ‘uh’ and ‘um’ because they’re editing the conversation in their minds before they speak. They don’t get into a flow when talking with others because they will reveal their real colors. A normal person uses these words, in most cases, to avoid an awkward silence. But psychopaths use them constantly to mask their thinking.

9. They’re great storytellers.

You will be amazed at how psychopaths tell a story. They are masters at it. However, what reveals them is the tiny detail that in all their stories they only play two roles: either the victim or the hero. They do this to evoke trust and manipulate. They can’t put themselves in a role of observer or someone who is not a key element of the story.

How Many of These Traits a Psychopath Has:

Most of us will find ourselves in one or two of these traits. But psychopaths have most, if not all of these communication traits.

Keep all these things in mind so that whenever you are surrounded by people you hardly know, you will notice whether some of them could be a psychopath.

When you suspect one, you better get out of their way to protect your energies and vibrations.