10 Signs You Need To Move Up To The Higher Level Of Consciousness Right Away


We are multidimensional beings. Our consciousness stretches from the lower up to the higher dimensions of reality.

Our Higher Self is on these higher layers while our Ego and lower selves operate on the lower realities. But all of our layers function together to help us grow and evolve.

Our awareness is moving up and down across the layers of our consciousness in a tidal manner in order to help us grow our consciousness to even higher levels and evolve into higher beings. But sometimes, we can get stuck on the lower levels of reality.

The lower levels of reality make us focus mainly on our physical survival. Getting stuck in them means having our focus only on sexuality, self image, power, pleasure, self acceptance, greed, and the tribal programming that keeps us safe against predators.

When we connect to the higher levels of reality we focus on exploring the higher parts of our consciousness. We progress with our spiritual evolution, our soul purpose and the attainment of higher vibrations for us and the world.

While the lower layers of our being support our physical survival, getting stuck in these lower dimensions prevents us from reaching our highest human potential and the reason we are alive for.

Here are the signs that tell you have been stuck on these lower layers for too long. If you find yourself in some of these you need to move up your awareness to higher levels of consciousness right away.

10 Signs You Need To Move Up To The Higher Level Of Consciousness:signs-you-need-to-move-up-to-the-higher-level-of-consciousness

1. You feel the need to identify yourself with a group.

The tribal programming still runs in your veins if you feel the urge to belong to a certain group. it’s ok to belong, but needing to belong is not. The state of needing tells that you lack something for your survival.

True belonging is not found within a group but within each individual. And when a couple of people resonate with each other’s purpose and ideals they create a group.

The group’s goals may be sublime, but as long as you seek to find a group jus so you can feel belonging, you are not solving your problem.

It’s a momentary solution that makes you stuck. It doesn’t open you to new pathways in connecting with the divine within you.

Even religious groups can make you feel trapped. It’s only in walking down the path of your own personal spiritual journey that you will truly find belonging.

2. You don’t have original thoughts.

When asked for your opinion, you fail to answer from your own point of view. Instead, you go through the opinions of others that are stored in your head and have them as the references of your thought patterns.

Most often, they’re common and widely accepted thought forms.

3. You don’t question the truth and beliefs of others.

You accept without question and curiosity every belief and truth the authority figures give you.

You don’t stop and try to check for validity because you strongly trust authorities and lean on their opinions.

Once these truths are challenged by anyone, you may feel scared or threatened.

4. You’re loyal to a group even when when you know it’s wrong.

Even if you may find yourself associating with a group that has no merits, you still don’t question it’s moral or social authority.

5. Your time is equivalent to money.

You always trade your time with money or money with your time because it’s the only reality you perceive.

You have no knowledge about time warps or intuitive abilities as these things are related to higher levels of consciousness.

6. You define your self worth by the things that you get.

Getting something from the tribe does not only refer to material possessions but also include the attention, acknowledgment, certifications, honor, and awards that you get and are important to you.

If you define yourself solely by these external things it means you haven’t found, or you’ve forgotten the true source of self worth you hold within.

7. You believe being wealthy and physically attractive give you power.

Because you’re living in the lower realities, your life is all about making efforts to maintain your physicality and earn respect from others.

You do everything to make yourself physically attractive and to earn more money that can provide you the luxurious life you want to live, just so others can be attracted to you.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping yourself attractive and earning more. It’s only destructive when you see it as the only source that can give you more power and earn the respect of others.

8. You think you have no default right to be.

You don’t feel you have the right to be, thus you keep asking for the tribe’s blessings and validation.

Maybe you even live your life being scared all the time. You seek security from the outside and cannot find one within yourself.

You think you need to earn the right to be, and you don’t believe you already have it because you already exist.

If these things apply to you than you are living stuck in the lower levels of reality and you need to raise the levels of your consciousness through spirituality.

9. You seek approval for every life decision you make.

You can’t make a life decision without the approval of your family, friends, peers, or even society.

Even if it concerns your personal life, like choosing the right career, the right romantic partner, or the types of friends you surround yourself with, you don’t do it on your own because you are scared of taking responsibility for your decisions.

You obsess with how others would react or think. Involving them in the process is a lot safer. But it takes the personal power you inherently have away from you.

10. You feel selfish for giving time to your personal journey.

A spiritual journey is a lone journey, meaning you can’t take anybody with you. You feel selfish in doing an inner work because it can feel like betraying the tribe who doesn’t want you to think differently from them.

Besides, it could also mean you spend less time in taking care of others while spending more time in taking care of yourself.

This process may seem to break you apart, but when you’re able to push through, you can clearly see that you can help others more by helping yourself first. It’s how operating in the higher consciousness feels like.

If you find yourself in some of the above signs, than you must move to higher levels of consciousness right away. Start spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, read spiritual books, and trust your inner guidance. Remind yourself of your soul’s purpose and inner journey.