What is a Superhuman and How Can You Become One?


There is a story we keep telling ourselves, the story of “Darkness Vs. Light” and how they are in an eternal war.

But what if this narrative is not good enough anymore?what-is-a-superhuman-how-can-you-become

Living with the thought that one day everyone you love, including you, will die, we created programs like religion and mythology to blanket us from this dreadful fact.

We created concepts like “Good” and “Evil” to guide us toward what is right in a world where nobody was there to tell us.

We associated our collective evolution with our personal narratives. But how can “Good” exist without the contrast of “Evil”?

In a way, by drawing a line and creating a side we call “Good” we simultaneously create a side we will call “Evil” putting ourselves in this continuous loop of eternal war between them.

What happens when there is no more “Evil”? How can the “Good” proceed to evolve without creating “Evil” to fight against? How can Light exist without Darkness?

And even if we somehow manage to eradicate the “Evil”, what we call “Good” will just keep on dissecting itself from less pure shades of “Good” until it seizes to exist. And in the end, the “Good” is doomed to become the “Evil” it existed to defeat.

This narrative is being told by our own program. We are children of a Universe where entropy exists and dark energy spreads everything further away in complete chaos, while, in the same time, light creates bonds that attract each other beyond space and time producing the 4 fundamental forces that keep things together and in order.

The balance between these forces, things being spread out, but far away from each other just enough, makes life exist and thrive.

We are alive because of ‘the eternal war’ these opposite sides are in. So how can we not make this narrative a fundamental part of our evolution?

The problem is in the way we see this tension between darkness and light. We see it as war, we see it as if they are against each other, we project our human weaknesses upon these aspects depicting them as if they hate each other.

But what if we look at all this all wrong? What if they are not at war?

What if it’s not “The Eternal War Between Darkness and Light” but The Eternal Dance of Darkness and Light?

Maybe our whole narrative will change. Maybe we will expand our story even further knowing that instead of choosing a side, we are all already on the same side.

Because the world is not something you can divide into “Good” and “Evil”, it’s more complicated than that. If you really try to divide it, you will have to divide each person’s heart in half.

What we call “Evil” is weakness, it’s failure to deal with your own pain so you try to inflict it in others. It sprouts from the ways of natural evolution where this ruthlessness was based on strength.

But we evolved, and we are stronger, strong enough that we don’t have to be ruthless to survive. That’s why acting in such manner as a human is based on weakness. You don’t neglect it, you acknowledge this part of yourself, but you are strong enough to choose to not act on it, to find a better way.

What we call “Good” is our ideals, what we all strive to become. But claiming we are only “Good” is neglecting your nature, is discrediting the existence of this ideals and the trail you have in front of you to acquire them. It’s disrespectful in a way.

You are neither “Good” nor “Evil” but you have the potential to be both. You are a person that evolved from the ruthless ways of nature and has an infinite potential for good.

What makes the difference is your strength to make your own choices in midst of this duality.

We are stuck in this duality because we resist to accept it within us. We are all dual in nature!

So in order to prevent “Evil” from reemerging, we need to transcend “Good”, go beyond this duality.

As modern science progresses, we realize that these stories we keep telling ourselves are just that, stories.

We realize that a blanket cannot protect us from the reality outside of it, it can just create an illusion that we are safe.

Even more, it covers our eyes so we don’t see what hides in the dark.

In a way, we got stuck in our own illusions that we used to give ourselves a sense of safety and certainty.

And we are stuck between our old narratives and the existential dread that just gets bigger and bigger as we awaken to the truth.

That’s why the whole world suffers from a soul sickness, a global depression, panic attacks, anxiety.

We are on an evolutionary crossroads. We are left with a bad choice on either side.

Either you are a fool blinded by the old narrative that retards the advancement of humanity, or you are depressed and anxious living with the constant reminder that nothing really matters.

How can we keep on living like this? Can humanity even exist without a story that bridges our finite nature with the infinite? Can we keep thriving knowing that we are just a speck of dust on the bigger picture?

Maybe what we need is a new story. A different one. A story unlike any other that we have ever told, since the dawn of humanity.

Maybe we don’t need to choose a side, but step into a new dimension!

In order to evolve further we need to see beyond our blanket. To stand up. To accept the facts that we try to hide from. Because that’s the only way we can change them!

Instead of being scared from the darkness, maybe we need to examine it, see how it helps us, how it can help us, and evolve further.

This new story is not going to be a blanket that protects us from reality, but a suit that gives us superpowers and control over reality.

In order to evolve even further we need to transcend beyond the story of “Darkness Vs. Light” and create a new one, a story of unifying the “Darkness and Light”!

Instead of choosing a side on the evolutionary crossroad, we can fly upward and create our own direction.

Instead of accepting the human fate as mortal beings stuck on one planet, fighting each other over what ideal is better, maybe we start believing that we can become immortal species that live on multiple planets and become our ideals.

Changing our narrative, path and beliefs is necessary to EVOLVE FURTHER. But we need to find a way how to do it without losing the essence of our humanity, the flame we evolved with in the first place. That’s quite an adventure.

And that’s what it means to be a Superhuman!

If you want to embark on this EPIC journey you can join us here! Start Evolving!

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