Stop Energy Vampires From Sucking Your Energy In 10 Elegant Ways


High energy keeps us positive, happy, and healthy. When we vibrate on the lower levels of the energy spectrum, we align with depression, apathy, and other illnesses mentally or physically.

Keeping our energy high is a necessity in living a dynamic, happy and prosperous life. But then there are people, situations, places, or things that can suck the energy out of us.

Everyday, we’re exposed to these energy vampires that drain our energy until we ourselves start vibrating low, and we end up stressed, overwhelmed, irritable, or anxious.

These energy vampires appear in many shapes and forms, for example as negative news on the TV and the internet, crowded places, and even neurotic pets. But the worst energy vampires are certain types of negative people whom we interact with every single day.

They are the narcissists, the egoists, the gossipers, the aggressors, the melodramatic, and others who simply drain you of your energy. You should stand up for yourself and prevent these weak people from draining your energy. But all of this can be done elegantly.

10 Elegant Ways To Prevent Energy Vampires From Sucking Your Energy:stop-energy-vampires-from-sucking-your-energy

1. Avoid having a longer eye contact.

The longer you establish an eye contact with energy vampires, the more they suck the energy out of you.

Look at them in the eye only ocassionally to prevent prolonged engagement.

2. Reduce the time spent with them.

Your time is precious and should be spent on something productive.

Spending time with an energy vampire not only wastes your time but doesn’t serve you as well. If you can’t avoid being with them, set a time limit then excuse yourself.

3. Refrain from showing any reactions.

Energy vampires feed on how they expect you to react. If you react on something negative that they say, it will encourage them to draw out more reactions from you. It’s what they want in the first place.

They’re not talking to you because you’re somebody important. But they’re talking to you because they want to feel they’re important. They get this validation whenever you react.

4. Try not to argue or oppose.

Energy vampires love argument. Winning in an argument feed their egos.

No matter how absurd their ideas or how wrong their opinions are, try to maintain a neutral side.

Opposing them wouldn’t help because they’re not there to listen to what you have to say in the first place.

5. Make sure other people are present.

When you’re alone in the company of an energy vampire, their negative energy is directed only to you. But when other people are present, you would spend lesser energy with them.

So, when you need to approach them for an important matter, make sure you’re with two or three other people who are not energy vampires themselves.

6. Allow them to talk.

Most often, energy vampires only want someone to listen to their woes or complaints.

Allow them to do the talking while you ask questions that encourage them to talk further. This way, you’re preserving your energy.

7. Suggest simple and light topics.

You already know what kind of topics the energy vampires are putting on the table. Try not to add more fuel on the negativity they are pouring out.

Instead, try to redirect the discussion to lighter and simpler topics without offending them.

8. Try visualization techniques.

If you’re keen on protecting yourself from possible negative energies, try visualization. It helps others and it might help you too.

Not only will it shield you from psychic fatigue but will calm your mind as well.

Visualize yourself surrounded by a protective light before meeting the energy vampires.

9. Stay away from them.

On the days that you feel you’re not at your best, try to stay away from energy vampires as much as possible to prevent yourself from being influenced or sucked by them too easily.

But on normal days, welcome their presence because they can teach you valuable life lessons in the process.

10. Cut your ties.

Whenever these energy vampires are too overwhelming to bear, cut off your ties with them. Protecting yourself should be your top priority, especially when their presence is alarmingly harmful.

You have the right to your own happiness and you can’t compromise it just to feed other people’s egos.