Astrology And Cosmic Update For May 2018: Here is What May is Bringing for Each Person


The last month was all about discovering our inner light and becoming aware of it.

This month is all about making our light shine. It’s about pealing off the things that prevent our light to shine while improving the ones that make it shine even brighter.

If we started working to be a better version of ourselves the previous months, this month is when the first improvements start to show results.

This month will summon your courage and conviction to step up and do what you need to do to improve yourself and make a better world for yourself and others.

So mental upgrades, the end of conflict, joy creation and synchronicity are all there for you this month.

Here Is What Astrologists Say May Has In Store For Each Person:what-may-2018-is-bringing-for-each-person

After the transformative Scorpio Full Moon, the first weeks of May kick off with some beautiful, soft, and gentle energy that is really going to bring soothing relief. We may find that it’s easier to relax and we may naturally feel more optimistic about the future. The first half of the month really offers some wonderful energy that will comes as a relief after the up and down energy of April.

Then on May 15th, we have one of the most significant and special days of the year. This is because we have the protective and supportive, Taurus New Moon and we also have the rare movement of Uranus from Aries into Taurus.

The New Moon in Taurus will be offering a very stable and rewarding energy that is going to help us maximise all that we have been working on throughout the year, particularly professionally.

If you have been feeling lost in your career, or unsure of how to turn your passion into profits, this is going to be a great time to put plans into action.

If those plans aren’t super clear just yet, it is also the perfect time to set an intention and to think about what your career path may look and feel like.

Perhaps even consider writing down what you want your ideal day to feel like, and then work on bringing those feelings into your daily routine one by one. This simple exercise is likely to help you get things moving and will help you to shift your vibration.

Uranus moving into Taurus on the same day is also going to assist with this energy and may bring new insights or awakenings into your life.

Uranus is the planet of awakenings and has the power to shake up and stir whatever it touches so we can realize new things and see things from a different perspective.

Because Taurus is a very grounded, stable Earth sign, Uranus may not always feel completely comfortable in this placement. Uranus energy wants us to do things on a whim and to try something completely different, whereas Taurus longs for us to move in methodical, practical steps that have been tested and proven.

This opposing energy may create challenges, and there even be a similar tug of war within your own heart and soul as well. Perhaps you will feel the need to question some of the steps you have been taking in your own life, and whether they are still serving you or whether you need to try something different.

While this energy may manifest differently for everyone, on a whole, it is likely when Uranus has finished its journey through Taurus in 2026, we are all going to have a new insight into what brings us security and what is really important to pursue in our lives.

The energy of May wraps up with the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 29th. This is a beautiful Full Moon that is really going to help us to open our hearts big and wide.

This Full Moon is also wonderful for attracting new loving energy into your life, or for releasing blocks that are holding you back from experiencing true love.

The overall energy of this month:

May offers some delicious energy that is going to help us feel more excited and optimistic, especially when it comes to love, romance, and creative projects.

Overall, May is a busy month with lots of new energy to explore and enjoy.

If you are looking for love or if you work in a creative field, this is going to be one of the best times to put yourself out there and begin working hard to achieve all of your dreams.

May is an excellent time to pursue creative projects, plan or make career moves, and to put yourself out there to find new love.