How To Be The Best Self: 3 Things To Do This May To Be A Better Version Of Yourself


The past month was all about reconnecting with your spirit and rediscovering who you are. The month before was reconnecting with your heart and doing the things you love doing.

This month is about finding courage to be the person you know you are.

You already know what you love, what the best version of yourself looks like, what your purpose is.

This month is about starting to believe in this version of yourself and actually being congruent to your ideal self.

It’s about being courageous to do 3 things that will make you the best self you can be. I’m not going to explain how each of these will help you so you just have to trust me. Just do what it says, without overthinking and overanalyzing the task.

3 Things To Do This May To Be The Best Self:best-self-3-things-may-better-version

1. Start the project.

We all have a project that we keep postponing because of imaginary excuses. Stop. No matter what your excuses are, start this project that you keep postponing. Whether it’s writing a book, learning to play an instrument, or starting a business, just start.

2. Accept the challenge.

Do you have a challenge that you always wanted to do, but it makes you a little afraid and excited in the same time? Maybe you wanted to join some competition or do public speaking. Whatever it is, accept this challenge, find courage to do it.

3. Approach.

There is a moment when you see someone passing by you, or a person on the bar, and you really want to get to know them, but you do nothing about it. Change what you do in this moment and approach them. Do not think. Whenever you feel it, approach them and talk.