If Everyone Applies Just These 3 Small Changes In Their Life We Will Heal The World And Humanity


Saving or healing the world does not require some heroic task that culminates in a war between good and evil. It’s much simpler than that and it starts with us individually.

All we have to do is approach our everyday life through a different mindset.

This means we have to give up old habits that prevent us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

Some of these habits include talking too much but not doing something about it, putting on our self made masks or the masks society wants us to wear, telling ourselves stories that aren’t real, not giving our best in all our undertakings.

Just by implementing these 3 better habits will make us change our lifestyle one day at a time bringing rapid positive changes in ourselves and the world as a whole.

3 Small Changes We Can All Apply in Our Life And Heal Humanity:if-everyone-applies-these-3-small-changes-we-will-heal-the-world

1. Don’t make assumptions.

Communication is designed to bring clarity to any situation. If you feel something isn’t right, don’t assume, instead, ask questions.

It’s easier to find the courage to speak out to clarify things than bear the burden of negative outcomes due to false assumptions.

Misunderstandings occur because of only one failure, failing to bring to light everything that’s obscure. Express your thoughts more clearly and listen with intent to everything that the other person is saying if you want to avoid sadness and drama in your life.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

Most often, what others do or say has nothing to do with you. Instead, they only follow what is stored in their hearts and minds, thereby projecting them outwardly.

People can have an endless opinion about you, but you have the power not to allow yourself to be affected or influenced.

Becoming immune to people’s opinions frees you from needless suffering and prevents you from believing you’re a victim.

3. Be impeccable with your word.

How you speak says who you are. Every time you open your mouth, make sure every word that comes from it is true.

Say what you mean and mean what you say because your words have a power that can either destroy or build you up.

Avoid speaking things that go against your values, like gossiping or judging others. If possible, say only things that can spread love and truth.



The above agreements are simple, yet possess the secret to changing your life and the world for the better.