5 Strategies To Use Rejection In Your Favor And Become The Best Version Of You


Rejection has a tendency to cripple our hopes and even paralyzes our dreams. All because rejection isn’t easy, especially when you’ve invested all your efforts and time on something that doesn’t work in your favor.

Rejection happens because we’re not in control of everything that comes in our life. No matter how confident you are, rejection can still catch you off guard.

On the other hand, if you have insecurity issues, you’ll feel the impact twice or thrice as much.

It’s okay to feel bad about it. It’s even healthy to acknowledge the feeling and feast on it for a few days.

But then you can’t stay in that place forever. While processing your emotions, you need to figure out what went wrong, or why are you feeling that bad.

You can derive strength from this experience by learning all the lessons it brings you. Here are the ways to start with.

5 Strategies To Use Rejection In Your Favor:strategies-to-use-rejection-in-your-favor

1. Do an ego check.

When you feel rejected, your ego is the most hurt because that small voice within wants only you to be the center of attention. And at times when you aren’t, it tends to make you feel not good enough.

Your ego will convince you that you’re the victim here. The truth is, things don’t work in your favor for a lot of reasons.

Being something much bigger or greater is prepared for you.

Instead of focusing how hard you’ve been hurt, look for the brighter side of things. Look for the other side of the road and work more on yourself.

By choosing to stay positive, you’ll attract the good things to happen in your life.

2. Accept your circumstance.

The fastest way to move from rejection is by accepting the fact that you’re being rejected. Tell yourself that, yes, you had been rejected, so what.

The world doesn’t stop spinning. The birds didn’t stop chirping, which means being rejected is not the biggest thing in the whole wide world.

This fall only means you’re being given the opportunity to see what’s at the bottom. Use this insight to enter into a survival mode and look past your present circumstance.

Find ways to improve yourself and your situation with more focus and determination. No one is as braver as a wounded soldier.

3. Look for other options.

Let go of the “what ifs” or the “what could have beens”. You can’t turn back time by dwelling on these things.

Don’t exhaust yourself too much on things that don’t serve you. Instead, focus your energies on greater opportunities and unlimited possibilities.

Anything can happen if you just believe and trust that the tide will turn in your favor at a time that is divinely inspired.

4. See how rejection works in your favor.

Most often, rejection is only the universe’s way of telling you that something isn’t meant for you.

And if you insist on having what isn’t meant for you, you’ll only hurt yourself and your life or even your loved ones in the process.

5. Surrender to Divine timing.

Everything happens the way it should be. This is a fact of life that should be taken into consideration.

When you understand how the Divine works, it’s easier for you to move on from rejection and look for the right opportunity that is solely prepared and designed for you.

Hence, after licking your wounds, thank the universe for the lessons learned and ask for help that you’d be guided as you wait for your big break.

And always remember, having it all doesn’t come easy. Rejections are essential in shaping you to become the right fit for the goals you wish to attain.